You Never go wrong in a casual outfit

Casual days, I’ve got them sometimes. Just because it make’s me feel fashionable and that’s something great right? But I wonder if you like to wear casual as well?

Like I said, a casual look is always good.

During this photo-shoot I was feeling so fashionable. Wearing the right denim-shirt in combination with a black jeans and some suede boots. Make’s it a perfect look for the upcoming autumn. This Autumn season you can wear denim-shirt’s every week.

Casual All-day.

Let’s be honest these are the kind of outfit’s that you would like to wear more often right? I’m totally agree with you. Every time I’m wearing this kind of look, I getting more excited! I just wanted to show it to everybody that love’s to wear it to. Just to talk about each others feelings. Because how do you feel when you wearing this kind of clothes? I’m feeling just great and so confident in these causal clothes. My goal for the upcoming times is to wear these kind of looks more often than before. But for now I’m really enjoy the moment of wearing this casual look.

My favorite look?

Is this really my favorite look for this autumn-season? I think it is really my favorite look. No only because it’s so fashionable but, al so because you can wear it when you have a business appointment for example. We as men don’t have to make it so hard for our selves. Of course it’s not that formal look, but sometimes life is to break rules right? Now a days denim is allowed in the business-world. You don’t always have to wear a dark-blue suit with a black briefcase. Just make sure that everything fits right for the occasion or the appointment that you have.

But now this guy is leaving you, speak to you soon !

/ Denim-shirt / HM

/ Jeans / Acne Studios

/ Boots / Zara

Photography Taria-Ann Verburgt



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    You Never go wrong in a casual outfit

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