Yes I wear caps as well

Yes I wear caps as well, not that I wear them often, but when my hair is not on point anymore. I wear a cap, just to make sure that I look good. Sometimes a cap fits perfect with a outfit don’t you think?

I wear caps as well.

Caps are very handy, even when you don’t wear them often. When you are at a younger age, you might wear them more than now a days. But if I speak for myself, I’ve always had a few of them in my closet. But as I said earlier I prefer to do my hair. Wearing a cap is not always my cup of Thea. But hey ! A couple of them in my closet is good for the base of my wardrobe. Now a days you have so many fun and nice head-wear that it’s hard to choose what fits with your outfits right? I remember that when I was searching for some good headwear in th summer of 2016.

Dsquared2 caps are always a good idea.

In the summer of 2016, I was looking in to my closet for a good cap. But I couldn’t not find one cap that I could combine with my outfits. So I was like: my hair is fucked up, I need some headwear as soon as possible. So I put my laptop on and searched for some nice caps. I’ve search on the Dsquared2 website for some headwear. The cap that I’m now wearing was a match in heaven. The blue color and the flag represent Dean And Caten to the fullest. Beside’s that: If you looking for a cap that is fashionable, Dsquared2 caps are always a good idea. If you like to wear a cap or you want to combine it with a casual look. A Dsquared2 cap is the perfect cap to finish your look.

This Baseball cap is still available on the world wide web.

I’ve bought this Fashionable Baseball cap in the summer of 2016. But it’s not available anymore on the Dsquared2 official website. The good news is, there are online retailers that still have hem in there store, so you don’t have to worry about that. Anyway Dsquared2 create’s others caps that are cool to wear with your favorite look. If you really want this cap, just search on eBay as well because sometimes people want to sell them over there.

For now I say: Enjoy The Weekend and I speak to you next Friday.


Cap / Dsquared2

Photography Mr.Vrijhoeven




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