Why you never go wrong in A denim Look

Why you never go wrong in a denim look. Today I share a few reasons why you never go wrong in a denim outfit. Are you ready? Let’s do this together shall we?

Why you never go wrong in a denim look.

Today I tell all about this great fabric. It is a fabric that I love to wear with pleasure. Sometimes I have the desire to wear it daily but that doesn’t happen so often. This material is a must-have in my closet. But I think in general that this material must be in every man’s closet as well. Sometimes you have days and don’t know what to wear? Than this textile is always fashionable to wear. Did you know that every season this textile is portable? During winter or fall or spring/summer. This fabric is always nice to wear. Further it is a fabric which is light and easy to combine with other clothing-pieces in your wardrobe.

How to combine a denim shirt.

A shirt like this is easy to combine if you have the right clothing-pieces in your wardrobe. As you can see on the pictures I decided to wear it with a nice blue slim-fit jeans by:Zara┬áThe shirt that I’m wearing is from:Diesel and bought it in the sale last spring 2018. Diesel is one of my favourite brands because the quality is very good. You don’t need to have doubts about it, I can tell you. Further I like quality over quantity and Try to buy smart and not fast. With this full-denim look I can go anywhere and that make’s it more attractive to wear. You are planning to visit the cinema? This is comfortable to wear. You spend a day at the office and don’t want to wear a suit for one day? This denim-outfit might be a good choice. There are also denim-shirts with prints and in a black color as well. If you considering to buy this material. Than I would like to give you the advise to buy both colours. You create more options for your wardrobe and outfits.

Which shoes does fit with a denim-look?

Well the funny fact is that almost every shoe or sneaker fits with a denim look. White sneakers make’s the look more sportive which is great to see. But some people like to wear with some derby’s-shoes which is also very fashionable in my opinion. It’s also a personal taste. I decided to complete my denim look with my boots from:Zara. The are my favourite boots at the moment. I’ve bought these boots last Fall/Winter 2017. But there so many boots that looks like these. So you will find your pair of boots. Further I feel really fashionable when I’m wearing this outfit.

Speak to you soon.


Denim shirt by/Diesel

Slim-fit jeans by/Zara

Boots by/Zara

Photography by/Koen Stijnen


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