Why Wool Cardigans are good.

Why Wool Cardigans are good. I’m going to tell you in this article. Because there are a few reasons why wool-cardigans are a must-have.

Wool-Cardigans are good to wear when you at the office.

First let me ask? How are you doing? It’s bin three weeks a go since I’ve updated my blog. I always feel guilty when I’m not able to speak with you or not can inspire you. I’ve found a new camera and hope to have it a soon as possible to bring my images to the next level. But today I’m happy to share my tips about cardigans with you guys.

As the winter continues we still need to dress ourselves warm. Specially when the temperatures force to wear wool or other warm clothing-pieces. When you are at your office from 9-5 it can be hard to keep yourself warm. Just because not every office is on the same level. For example my office can be extremely warm and extremely cold. There is no balance and probably I’m not the only one who has to deal with this. That’s why I prefer to wear a wool-cardigan at the office, so I stay at the right temperature.

Cardigans you have them in so many ways.

As I mentioned earlier, you have them in wool and this is what I love to wear during a office day. But you have them al so in other fabrics like: Cashmere or cotton. I’ve got two cotton cardigans in my wardrobe. One in a grey-color and the other one in Black. But I’m wear them between seasons and most of the time with a blazer, because there are not so warm. But if you have long days at the office, make sure you have a couple of wool or cashmere cardigans in your closet. Cashmere and wool cardigans can be a little bit expensive but you won’t regret it. See these pieces as a investment in your wardrobe. The wool-cardigan that I’m wearing at the pictures is from earlier seasons, but still fashionable and good.

Finish the Cardigan with a Tie ?

As you can see on the pictures, I’m not combined my garment with a tie. I can’t explain why I didn’t combine it with a tie. But I prefer to finish the cardigan with a nice tie. You not only look sharper, it’s al so something powerful in my opinion. When you talk with someone or you have a negotiation. The Tie is a strong piece that make’s the cardigan complete. But a tie is fashionable as well.

So Guys let me know in the comments down below, what your taste is when it come’s to cardigans and fashionable clothes for your office-days. Speak to you soon ! Happy weekend.


Cardigan / Dolce & Gabbana

Shirt / WeFashion

Jeans / APC 

Photography by Taria-Ann Verburght


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