Why there was Silence?

Why there was silence? Now my iMac was broken. It happend five weeks ago, and I miss my iMac every day. So that is the main-reason for the silence on my blog, the last few weeks.


Now the silence started five weeks a go, on a sunny Thursday afternoon. The day before I did a photoshoot with a plus-size model in Amsterdam. It was a very hot-day here in Holland, but I was super excited to edit the pictures of her and my own photo’s. In my office it was hot as well, but I started to work on my imac. After a couple of hours, I shut down my imac. I was very careful that day, because the heat was serious. During dinner time, I stared to work on my imac again, but after a hour, my nightmare became reality. The iMac died and I only could look to a black display. From that moment the blog-silence started, I didn’t had the possibility to buy a new iMac or Macbook pro.

The last few weeks I feel ┬ávery sad about it, because I’ve worked with so much pleasure on my iMac. But now I have to stay positive, because everbody go trough hard-times.


Let’s make one thing clear that my blog, is not a daily-diary about my private-life. But after the long silence, I want to share it, and I wil do it in the future from time to time. Since the beginning of the summer, I started to work-out in the gym on a daily-basis and I feel very good. I even asked myself: Why I didn’t start earlier? But at the end, I’m just very happy to be in the gym again. One of the reasons I work-out in the gym is that I noticed, that my mental-health is not that good as it was in the past. But after a couple weeks in the gym, I feel stronger physical and mentally, what is cool right?


Now I told you a little bit about my private-life, I al so want to share my future-plans with you. Because I made some decisions for my blog and private-life as well. But first-things-first. My future-plans are is to move on, to another place. The capital of holland: Amsterdam, has stole my heart when I was a young-kid, and it is a pleasure to live there. Further I deciced to show my photograpy-skills on my blog. What do you think guys? I just try it out and see how it work-out. So this is what I have to say, speak to you soon !

Poloshirt by Dsquared2

Short by H&M

Loafers by Prada

Photography by Tamara Rubia


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