Why A Black Tie is Essential

Why A Black Tie is Essential

Why A Black Tie is Essential. Today I’m telling you Why a Black-Tie is essential. It’s a must-have in a Men’s wardrobe and I’m glad to share why this is an essential. Let’s do this together shall we?

Why A Black Tie Essential

Why a Black Tie is Essential

Why a Black Tie is Essential

Why a Black Tie is Essential

Why a Black Tie is Essential

Why a Black Tie is Essential.

Today I want to share my knowledge why a Tie like this is essential. A tie is more than only a simple essential in a Men’s wardrobe. For a lot of men it’s something the wear on a daily-basis, because the have a office-job. For other men this kind of tie e is just another essential. What does it means for you? A Dark-tie like this can be more than only your office-signature or your-essential. When you building your own personal-men’s wardrobe. A Tie like this can’t be missing in your closet. But this is just my personal-opinion. I can’t imagine a wardrobe without a Tie in this colour. For me it’s my favourite tie to wear. It’s also something that you can use to look sharper. It gives more confident and most of the time people see it as ” sexy” when a men is wearing a tie like this. Beside’s that it’s something you always can wear and there are so many occasions where you can wear a dark-tie like this.

Occasions to wear a Black-Tie.

When you have a more dapper-style a dark-tie like this. Is maybe you’re favourite one to wear. I must say that this is by far my favourite tie to wear. But what are the occasions to wear a black-tie? What do you think of wearing it during your dinner-night? When you don’t know what to wear, you always can choose for a sharp and safe look. Just wear a clean-white-shirt and use this tie. Sometimes looking fashionable doesn’t have to be complicated. When you have your first-date you want to make a good impression. Because you can make these impression only-once. So wearing a Black-Tie is something that makes you feel confident and you can express that with this tie.

These first-impressions are important that’s why a tie like-this is a good-choice when you have job-interview. You show the interviewer that you take care of yourself and that you take this conversation serious. A Tie like this can also reflects your ambition and the drive to get that job. What do you think of wearing a Black-tie during a wedding? When you go to event? or just when you go for a night-out? Like I said before: A Darker-Tie is for most occasions a good option. Just make sure that the rest of the outfit. Fits with your black-tie.

Where to Buy?

It’s easy to say that tie’s are available everywhere. Maybe for you just around the corner. But when you want to pay a little more attention to it you don’t buy it right away. First-off-all it’s all about the budget you have. Or maybe you want to invest in a couple of tie’s for the long-term. Not a Bad-idea exactly. The Black-one I’m wearing is from:Zara and I’m very happy with it. I was searching for a more smoother and narrower tie. This one fits perfect with the outfit don’t you think? It’s affordable and if you don’t wear it every-day You have a tie for years. When you able to invest in a couple of tie’s. The High-end online retailers like:Matches Fashion and MrPorter have a great-line of Tie’s. Even when you search for a black-essential-tie like the one I’m wearing. Most of the-time the quality of these tie’a are better and you will have more pleasure of the tie’s.

How to Style a Black Tie.

Today I show you one-way to style a Black-Tie. But there are many ways to style this essential. Black on Black for example. Maybe you want to wear it with a red-shirt and give this red-shirt a little black-touch wearing it with a black-tie. When you have a waist-coast it’s also option to finish it with a black-tie. Wheat about wearing it with a light-blue shirt and you think it’s a little bit boring. You can use your black-tie to make it more fashionable if you want. Even when you wearing denim-shirt and want to make your look more formal. It’s not a bad-idea to wear with a Black-Tie. Because black is such a basic colour. You can mix your black-tie very easy in different ways. I’m planning to show it you in the near-future.


Shirt/ HM

Tie/ Zara

Pants/ Topman

Shoes/ Manfield

Photography/ Koen Stijnen









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