White Sneakers for Spring Summer

White Sneakers for spring summer

White Sneakers for Spring Summer. Are they a must-have in a Mens-closet during Spring/summer? I think yes. What do you think? Today I talk about these White -kicks and why every men should have a pair of them in there closet.

White Sneakers For Spring Summer

White Sneakers for Spring Summer

White Sneakers for spring summer

White Sneakers for Spring Summer.

Maybe these shoes are the perfect pair for this time of the year. During Winter/Autumn, you don’t wear white kicks very quick. Rainy-Windy Days and walking on white-sneakers is not the best option. But now the spring is here and the windy-rain days are over. It’s time to rock these white-kicks don’t you think? White-Kicks are really basic-sneaker for a Spring/Summer wardrobe. Most of the time you can wear them with your outfit and you always give your look a little sportive-touch. When you sick and tired of wearing loafers and you want to go for a nice evening-walk. These kind of sneakers are not a luxury at all. Even during the day when you have a day at your office. This kind of sneakers are really comfortable to wear. They fit perfect under a black-grey or even navy-blue suit. In my opinion this is the best-time to wear white-sneakers. Because the don’t get dirty very quick. During the Autumn/Winter the chance for getting dirty white-kicks is bigger. Because of the rainy-windy days and of course dirty streets. I don’t say that you can’t wear them during the Winter/Autumn season but it’s not really what I can recommend. Most of the time it’s better to wear boots and shoes that can handle the could and rain-windy-days. Now it’s Spring/Summer time and everything looks more cleaner. There are more dry-days and you are more in the mood to wear lighter colours. The Summer-time has arrived and days are longer. So you want to wear comfortable shoes. I have a lot of experienced wearing white-sneakers and I can’t imagine a Men’s wardrobe without some-white-pair kicks.

What to wear with white-Sneakers?

It’s smart to think about your outfits or Spring/Summer closet in the first-place. Before you start to thinking about buying some pair or maybe two-pair of white-kicks for this time of the year. You don’t want a situation where you have a nice-pair of white kicks, but nothing to pair with right? So make sure you think about the outfits before exactly buying a pair or two-pair of white-kickers for you Spring/Summer wardrobe. But you don’t have be too scary. Because most outfits can handle a white-sneaker. What do you think of wearing it with a nice grey-suit and finish them white some white-pair-sneakers? Or wearing a light-blue linnen suit and finish the look with some white-sneakers. What to think of wearing with a light-brown suit?

You also can wear some white-pair of sneakers with a poplin shirt and a linnen-beige-short for example. When you want a more casual look for summer, these white-sneakers are also a good option to finish your casual-summer look.

Where to buy?

When you don’t have them in your closet anymore, or you just want a new-fresh-pair of them. It’s time to do some re-search and see what kind of outfits you want to mix with your white-friends. There are so many white-kicks on the market at the moment. That it’s hard to choose which one to buy for the long or short-term. But what kind of outfits fits the best with-my-white-kicks? Should I go for high-end or just for a budget-sneaker? High-top? or low-top ? Maybe both? These are all questions you have to asked yourself before you go on the hunt for some white-sneakers. When I was buying my white-sneakers I really was searching for some pair that I could wear for years. Now I have my Christian Louboutin for years now and I don’t have any regrets. They fit with almost every outfit I’m wear them the most during Spring/Summer.

I always get a Happy feeling, because I’m able to wear them again. But Let’s get back to the purchase-process. When you really want to have some white-kickers for the long-term, and you able to invest. I would recommend to buy white-sneakers from:Christian Louboutin these are really classic and time-less. You have them for years. Specially when you really take care of the sneakers and don’t wear them everyday. You really purchase something that is worth the prize. Honestly high-end sneakers are expensive. But the quality is very good and you don’t get any regrets. It’s also smart to buy one pair in a higher-prize and one pair for a budget prize. Budget-retailers like:Zara always have some white-kicks in there collection. You buy them for a budget-prize and you have two-pair of white-kicks to switch them off from time to time.


Sneakers/Christian Louboutin

Photography/ Koen Stijnen


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