Where it all Happens

Where it all happens, my desk is the place I share al lot of time. Back in the days I created a little:  ” office ” for myself.  But how are you guys today ? and how was The Weekend? My weekend was pretty good. I’ve spend time with family and it was all good.

It happens here.

Everything I do when it comes to blogging of editing a nice image, happens here. Back in 2014 when I came  back to my parents place. I created a space for myself and this was the kind of desk set-up, I had in my mind. I really love to spend time here, specially when I’m home alone. It can be quiet, and that’s all I need. Specially when I’m writing, I try to make this place so quiet as possible, so I’m able to focus myself on the words and create a nice article about the interest that I have. You can thee on the pictures that I have a couple of books on the left-side of the desk. Most of these books has something to do with internet, business, marketing, social media or blogging in general. I’ve bought these books over the years. Sometimes I look into these books and this: oh-yeah that is very handy to know.

My weekend.

As I mentioned earlier in this blog-post. I’ve spend this weekend with my lovely-family and it was all good. We had a BBQ and the weather was perfect for that. I would like to have more days with family, but sometimes things are not going the way you want it. But we had a great day, my nephew turned 40 years. So I say: Felicidades to him. Time moves so fast! Further last-sunday I’ve looked to the final-match of Football-player Andres Iniesta. I’m a huge soccer-fan and everybody who loves soccer will be sad about the fact: that Iniesta is not playing in Europe anymore. So this was my kind of weekend.

Planning for this week.

I try to keep the daily-blog routine rocking, although it’s not that easy. But As long I’m feeling good about it, why change? This week I’m try to do a photo-shoot. I’ve bought some adidas-clothes two weeks a go, but wasn’t able to do a shoot with the clothes. I have mood-board in my mind. Further I know what kind of images I want to have for my blog & Instagram . For now I say: have a great week and speak with you tomorrow.



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