What to wear with Oversized Sweatshirt

What to wear with Oversized Sweatshirt

What to wear with Oversized Sweatshirt? Hello my Fashion-Friends. Today I’m sharing my tips and knowledge how to style a garment like this. I’m very excited to share one of my favourite garments with you Are you guys ready? Now let’s do this together.

What to Wear with Oversized Sweatshirt

What to wear with Oversized sweatshirt

What to Wear with Oversized Sweatshirt

What to wear With oversized Sweatshirt

What to Wear With Oversized sweatshirt

What to Wear With Oversized Sweatshirt

What to Wear With Oversized Sweatshirt

What to wear with oversized sweatshirt.

When you planning to wear a oversized sweatshirt. You have a couple of options to mix with. Number one is a nice ripped black-jeans for example. A ripped jeans is my favourite jeans to wear, but I will tell you in the near future why. Other options to wear a sweatshirt are: Trousers or just a basic slim-fit jeans. When you want to wear it more in a comfortable way. I should wear it with a nice trouser. But if you don’t love to wear trousers. You always can choose to wear it with a jeans. I decided to pair my oversized-sweatshirt with a black-slim-fit-jeans from:AcneStudios. It’s very pity that I didn’t have a really cool destroyed black-jeans in my closet. It’s time to safe some money for that.This jeans I’m wearing now gives this look a little casual-touch don’t you think? To make this look a more urban-outfit. I decided to pair it with my:Dsquared2 cap. It’s from the: Bitch Where collection. Unfortunately it’s not available on there website anymore. When I saw this cap I felt in love with right away. To finish this look I decided to use my White Nike Air Force One
Sneakers. Which are High-Top sneakers and really a must-have if you like to wear sneakers. This is how I styled my oversized-sweatshirt. What do you think guys? Let me know in a comment, love to hear from you. I used my black-jeans because it was for me the perfect choice because I wanted to keep everything in black and a little bit of white.

Other ways to style a sweatshirt.

But if you not really a dude that like’s to wear full-black outfits. It’s always a good choice to wear your black sweatshirt with a grey-destroyed or with a grey-trouser for example. Because black is such a basic-colour. It’s easier to mix a sweatshirt with other colours like: Grey,White,Red,Navy-Blue or whatever colour you like to wear. Wearing a sweatshirt like this always make’s me feel more comfortable and it’s a must-have in your men’s closet during this time of the year. It’s sweatshirt that doesn’t is very thick but between thick and thin. You can wear it during this time of the year in combination with lightweight bomber-jacket for example. But when the temperatures getting higher you can wear this sweatshirt just without a jacket.But make sure when you planning to spend the day outside. Make sure you keep a lightweight jacket with you. Because during the early mornings and late evenings, it can be cold outside.

Where to buy oversized sweatshirt.

If you planning to buy a garment like this. You have a lot options for example:MrPorter and Matches Fashion . I’ve bought mine OFF-White Oversized sweatshirt at: Farfetch and this clothing-piece was one my wish-list for a long time. I love to wear oversized-pieces, because I feel strong and confident when I’m wearing it. I think that wearing the clothes you like, you feel more happier.But this is such a personal-opinion. If you don’t have the budget to buy a high-end designer items. But you still want to wear a oversized-sweatshirt. Then online-retailers like: Asos and Topman offering great pieces for a less prize than Matches-Fashion for example. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to look fashionable. But if you still want to have some high-end designer items in your closet. Make sure you safe money and wait for the sale before buying. During sales you are able to score a high-end-street-wear piece for less prize. Which is good for your closet and for your wallet. But my tip is to look at a more timeless-piece that you can wear more than only one season. High-end Fashion is way to expensive to only wear it once and then put it away. When you planning to safe money and waiting for the sale to start. Just subscribe on Matches-Fashion and MrPorter there newsletters and you wil receive the dates of the sale. Don’t forget to download their apps. You also receive a post-notifaction when sale begins. If  you not a fan of buying online. You always can go to your shopping-mall or store and see what kind of oversized sweatshirts fits you the best. Every sweatshirt is different and specially when you have a oversized garment in your hands.

Off-White Oversized Sweatshirt.

The Sweatshirt I’m wearing is from the young-brand:Off-White. I’ve bought it in the sale two-years a-go. Off-White which is founded in 2013 by Mr. Virgil Abloh. Its relative young-brand, but very successful since the start of the label. Mr Abloh who didn’t have a fashion-background. Worked with Kanye West in the past. Now a Days these are close friends. Since the start in 2013 Off-White was a great succes. Almost everyone in the fashion-Industry was talking about this brand. It was refreshing and because most of there garments are oversized and really eccentric. People where very positive about the brand. Virgil Understands his consumer very well and knows how to bring his idea’s to life. When you to their Website You always see little-documentary’s how Mr Virgil Alob brings his idea’s to a collection and to the public/consumer. It’s really interesting to see.

What does it costs? The prizes of there garment starts at 276 euro’s/dollars. Which is affordable if you compare it with other high-end fashion brands or with High-End Streetwear brands. But if you wait for sale than you might score a item with discount which is good for your wallet. I’m really positive about there brand and quality of there clothes. Specially during the-sale this brand is more affordable and you have a nice high-end streetwear garment that you can mix with other garments in your closet.


Sweatshirt/ Off-White

Slim-Fit Jeans/ Acne Studios

High-Top Sneakers/ Nike

Photography by/ Taria-Ann














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