What to wear with a Christmas Jumper

What to wear with a Christmas Jumper

What to wear with a Christmas Jumper? It’s that time of the year that we can change from our regular clothes or formal suits. To our Christmas looks. You can’t prepare yourself enough for what might be for some people, the best time of the year. That’s why we decided to help you or give you inspiration, for the most wonderful time of the year. Everybody wants to look at his Christmas-best and us also. That’s why we decided to shoot a Christmas look in the city. Christmas is a great time to spend quality moments with your friends, family or other people that really matter to you. Let the holiday season begin.

Christmas Jumper

What to wear with a Christmas jumper

What to wear with a Christmas Jumper

Christmas mood

Sportive watch

White sneakers

How to style a Christmas jumper.

When you have your Christmas-sweater in your hands, you can ask yourself the second thing: What to wear with this Christmas-jumper?. It’s not always as easy as it looks. You can wear with a black-denim and some white kicks like we did. But there are options to choose from. The one I’m wearing is from:H&M and if you go to there website, you can already choose different jumpers & sweaters with a Christmas touch. My Christmas sweater is made from 100% acryl. But perfectly to wear with black denim and some white sneakers. To finish this look I used my Santa-hat, this is a must-have during your Christmas-season.

I picked out this one because it’s coloring, you can also choose to pick a Christmas jumper with a logo for example. This Christmas jumper has several colors, which give more shine to the skin. Furthermore, I used my sportive watch from:Festina which gives this look more sportive touch, especially in combination with the withe sneakers from Christian Louboutin. In this look, you can’t go wrong for your Christmas dinners with family.

Christmas jumper/H&M

Black Denim/ Acne Studios

White sneakers/ Christian Louboutin

Photographed/ Koen Stijnen


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