What to Wear during the Summer Heat

What to wear during the Summer Heat is a good question right? It’s not always that easy during the summer-heat. Days are long and the heat stays until midnight. So it’s really my favourite time of the year.

Summer heat ! What to wear during these-days?

What to wear during the summer-heat is something I’ve asked myself as well. The heat makes it very difficult for us. But thank god there is Pinterest and of course other websites, online-retailers where you get inspiration to prepare your wardrobe for the heat-period. I live in Holland and normally we don’t have  this kind of heat like this summer 2018. But in the month of May I prepared my wardrobe for the summer. During that month the heat was coming my way. I’ve ordered already my summer-clothes during that month. Also because I was preparing my trip to Paris the next month. The Month June is always a month that the Heat can be very tough. Now Let’s talk about the topic shall we? Now I choose to wear a Oversized T-shirt by Adidas, which is very comfortable to wear during the summer-heat. Further the color is light and that is typically a summer-colour. About colors we are going to talk about later. But to finish the look I decided to wear it with a black-sh0rt by:Marcelo Burlon which make it more a urban kind of look.The Jordans kicks are also comfortable to wear and when I take a walk it gives me a great feeling as well.

Lightweight clothing-pieces are the best options.

During the summer heat it is very important that you wear lightweight clothing-pieces because it’s just to heavy during the day to wear clothes that are heavy. That’s why I choose to wear a lightweight t-shirt that is oversize so it’s not to tight on my body. I sweat less, and I feel less of the summer heat during the day. Further lightweight clothing-pieces are more easier to carry with you. Specially when you planned a beach-day or a road-trip it’s more easier to put in your backpack or suitcase for example. Just keep it simple and if you planning that kind of trips, make sure you have some lightweight clothing-pieces in your bag. Further are sandals and slippers a must-have and make sure you have a couple of them. Kicks can’t be a little less comfortable during these heat-days.

What kind of colors should I wear?

As you can see in my previous Blogpost you see that I’m wearing black during this summer. Now Black is one of my favorite colors so for me it’s not a problem to wear it. Even when the heat is heavy.
I used to it and always choose to buy a black clothing-piece during summer. But should I recommend this colour to you? It’s up you. Some people around don’t wear black during summer-time and some people I know love to wear it. I must say that also depends on your skin. As I look to myself this light-blue colors fits me so much better than brown for example. The good thing about summer is that you really can wear every color and also mix it. But personally I always pay attention to colors and how to combine the colors. It’s really up to you what kind of colors fits you the best and wear you feel at your best. Because fashion is all about feeling at your best right?

Speak to you soon.


T-shirt By /Adidas

Short By/Marcelo Burlon

Sneakers by/Nike

Photography by/ Koen Stijnen







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