What to wear during holiday-season?

What to wear during holiday-season? I’ve asked myself as well what to wear during holiday-season? First: How are you guys and are you ready for the holidays-season?

What to wear during Holiday-Season?

During this season of the year. Everyone pays more attention to there outfit. People planning a shopping-day in the city with friends or family and they want to dress themselves they best possible way. Everyone is in a better mood and looks forward to spend more time with family and there loved ones. I’ve bin a Christmas-mood also, and I’m looking forward to these days. This is why I’m also excited to share my Christmas sweater with you guys today. I think it’s very funny to wear a Christmas-jumper during this time of the year. Like I said before: everybody is in good mood, and people will love your kind of funny look anyways. I received this Christmas sweater from a family-member and it’s from the brand:H&M so it’s easy and cheap. Just how I like it these days. It’s a nice gift and I’m happy to wear it. I’ve bin thinking to buy it in a other color as well. This sweater is easy to style with a trouser or with a jeans as well. Depends on your personal-taste. I decide to style it with my jeans from Acne Studios and my Christian Louboutin sneakers.

How do you like my outfit ? and would you wear this Christmas-sweater as well ? just let me know in a comment down below I’m very curious and looking forward to you answers.

Do you have any plans during Christmas?

For most people it’s normal that they spend time with Family or friends during Christmas.But we also have to think about the people who are not in that position. Further I’m very curious what your plans will be during Christmas? let met know in a comment, love to hear from you guys. My plan is to be with family and maybe some friends as well. Further we will play some games during the Christmas days and have a lot of good and fun. Maybe I’m going to share some pictures here on my blog during Christmas days. It would be fun, But I will let you know !

For now I say: Speak to you soon Guys !


Christmas Sweater /HM

Black jeans / Acne Studios

Sneakers / Christian Louboutin

Photography / Koen Stijnen

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