What to wear during Christmas

Christmas. What to wear during these days? It’s a question what comes around this time. We want to be at our best during Christmas.

What to wear during Christmas

It’s something that we can ask our-selves every holiday-season. Some men are wearing there classic-look every single year. Other men choose to wear something different every single year. But during the Holiday-season, you have so many options! Different kind of bow-tie’s and of course different kind of blazers as well. We just get so much choices if we start searching for the perfect holiday look. One thing is for sure: we as men, want to dress fashionable for the most wonderful time of the year. What important is for this time, is that you ask yourself: How I want to dress myself this year? Do I want something casual/chique or we go full-chique ? Do we wear white-sneakers? or do we wear some classic-shoes?

My Holiday-Season look.

I’ve choose for the combination between casual/chique. No trousers for me during this holiday-season. Most people go for all-black party-dress with the black tuxedo and black shoes. That’s something I’ve have in my closet as well, but I save that look for later. This year I like to keep it a little bit different. I decided to combine my Zara Shirt & blazer with a jeans and some leather brown shoes. Just to stand a little bit out of the crowd during this month of celebrations.

Keep the sale in your mind.

During this month, the sale is on. So if you have a low-budget during this month, no worries. Or you want to buy clothes for holidays, this is the best time for that. Most of the retailers al so have your size available so hurry up! When you search good, you will find a holiday-look for a good price. Beside’s that, you can wear it next holiday-season again! That kind of clothes have no limits. Because most of the clothes are timeless. So it can be good investment for years. So for now I’m about to prepare myself for the holidays, make it a good one. Wish you all a very good Christmas.



Blazer by /Zara

Shirt by / Zara

Belt by / Louis Vuitton

Jeans by / Dsquared2

Shoes by / Dolce & Gabbana

Photography by Quincy Housen

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