What do you think of The Bag Trend?

What do you think of The Bag Trend guys? Are you Bag type of guy? I was that type of Guy back in the days. But how are you guys doing?

A Backpack is a must-have.

At the moment bags are a fashion statement. If you see the street-style pictures of last month in London,Milan and Paris.Every fashionista wears a belt-bag. I also see people around here wearing a belt-bag.That’s why I want to talk with you guys about this ” trend ” So are you that type of guy? or not ? But let’s start with some other bags first. Let’s say that a Backpack is a key for every men I think. When you are traveling it’s easy to use and you can put all your must-have stuff in there and you have your hands free to take the pictures when you traveling. But even when I’m going to visit a friend and I need to bring some stuff, I use my backpack. At the moment I don’t have the most fashionable backpack, but I’m about to buy a new-bag this month! The one I have right now is getting old and it’s time to replace it.

Let’s not forget the briefcase for the business-men.

A Briefcase is key-bag for every business men. Not only it looks fashionable with a nice-suit. But it’s just so handy when you have meetings outside-door or for a business-trip. Laptop, notebook, and other stuff that is important for your business meetings or trip. I prefer to have a briefcase in a leather version with a ┬ábelt. So I’m able to put it on my back when I want to have my Hands-free for my iPhone. So Guys what kind of briefcase do you prefer ? And how many do you have? I’m curious what kind of briefcase’s you have and what your experiences is, let me know in a comment down below.

Beltbags are trendy right now.

To be honest with you guys, I never had a belt-bag, but I can totally understand why all the fashionista’s wearing them to complete there outfit. A Belt-bag is easy to use, you can put your: phone, wallet and keys right in your belt-bag, so you have your pockets free and your hands-free. Maybe it even feels like kind of free I don’t know exactly? I never used a belt-bag but I have some outfits that really fits with a belt-bag so my plan is to buy a belt-bag this year. So guys what do you think of the belt-bag trend and would you mix it with your outfit? Just let me know, I love yo hear from you.

When I was in my early-twenties I was totally in love with my shoulder-bag from Louis Vuitton and I still have pictures of them. But I never put the pictures online, what is really a shame if you ask me. Last year I sold the bag to someone else, it was maybe the end of a period? Can’t exactly explain it.

For now I say: Happy weekend and speak to you next Monday.

Hugs Luc



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