Wearing my favorite jacket

Wearing my favorite jacket always feels good, How are you today guys? Today I started my day slow. Because in the afternoon I had two appointments in Amsterdam.


My Bomber Jacket is my favorite.

I love wearing this jacket, because I always combined with my black outfit, just because it’s one of two looks where I feel fashionable. Further my closet needs to change as soon as possible. Some items in my closet are stil a Go. But for the up-coming Summer I don’t have a lot of clothes. I hope to change it as soon as possible. But I want to have a closet for the long-term. But It’s hard to create a wardrobe for the long-term, because sometimes items can be bored so quickly.

Today I visited Amsterdam.

So today I was in Amsterdam for two appointments and let’s say that I was in a good mood. The train-journey was good and the weather as well. Although it was a little bit windy in the dutch-capital. I visit a good friend of me and we had a great time. But during this time, I received a message from a other men who told me that the appointment that we had was cancelled. ┬áSo I was angry, because we had an appointment and he didn’t let me know earlier in the day. The main-reason I was in Amsterdam was to check a room and see if fits me. So that was pity. Now I’m done with searching for my own living-place. I don’t think it will happen this year 2018.

I’m going to Paris Fashion Week !

In the beginning of this year I decided to visit one important fashion week/event. First I wanted to attend Pitti Uomo in Florence Italy. But I wasn’t quick enough with the planning, so I decided to visit Paris during Mens Fashion Week. I’ve booked a train-ticket and a Air B&B for myself. I go by train from the Belgian place called: Liege. From this small-city in Belgian it’s only 2,5 hours by Train. It’s unbelievable that a magic-city as Paris is not far way from where i live right now.

Further I’l be in Paris for Three days and I can’t wait. But when I’m writing this, I feel that Paris comes closer and closer. I’m living 5-hours from Paris so it’s not far way. Beside’s that I never bin in Paris, but every time I see images of the French-Capital: some excited feelings going trough my mind & body. So Paris is around the corner and I’m going to focus on that.

My plan in Paris to show my clothing-style to the fullest, because I truly believe it’s my power & strength. Further it’s my way to speak and express myself. Although I can speak pretty well with my mouth, sometimes I want to do this with my clothes. What I’m about to wear in Paris? I don’t know yet but I’m really think about wearing street-wear. The last time I’m feeling my self so old when I’m wearing some white-shirts with a dark-blue blazer. So streetwear has my preference and it’s more comfortable to wear. I think that my Paris Fashion Week will be hectic, just because it’s the first time for me.

Will I start my driver-license?

Now guys I live in village- but it’s well located I can say. You know that some village’s doesn’t have anything. But it’s time to get that driver-license. I spoke with friend around me that already have one and the told me do it. It give’s you more job-opportunities and more freedom. Exactly It was in my head this year but I didn’t had a specific date for this. But now the summer is coming, it is maybe a good time to start with it. I know that I told you guys I decided to move from my parents-house, but after this dramatic experiences today with this men in Amsterdam, I’ve changed my mind.

I tell you more about this, speak with you tomorrow.


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