Urban Headwear

Urban Headwear is what I love to wear as well from time to time. Specially when I wear a hoodie or sweater and my hair is not on point.

Urban headwear as a essential.

If you have a lot of sweaters or hoodies in your wardrobe. Urban Headwear is maybe a essential for you. Specially in the period that your hair is to long. When I’m searching for caps I want to have two kind of caps. One to wear with a casual look. The other one is for a more urban outfit. You can see my other cap in my previous blogpost. Sweaters and hoodies are everyday-wear, but to make the look perfect you can wear it with urban cap, like I did. For me personally urban caps are essential. I’m still in a phase that I love to wear streetwear. So sometimes a urban cap fits perfect with a urban look.

Black caps.

Black Caps are always a good idea, most the urban caps are black and it fits always with a urban look if you ask me. I can’t imagine that I would choose a other color than black. When you go to my about me page: you see that I wear a black cap as well. This cap was available in other colors. But I knew that black was the right color to wear. This color is basic and that’s important when you want to combine it with your outfit.

Bitch Where Collection.

This cap is from Dsquared2’s collection: Bitch Where, what was available last year 2017. The cap is very cool and I love to wear it. Unfortunately the collection is not available anymore. When I saw the cap for the first time. I put it in the shopping cart immediately. This Collection had not only this cap available. But al so T-Shirts in white or black. It is such a funny and cool collection.

So I hope you guys have a great weekend, I’m about to make some dinner. I Speak to you next Friday.

Cap  / Dsquared2

Photography / Mr.Vrijhoeven


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