Two Type’s of Gloves

Two Type’s of Gloves, yes we have options to choose guys. Today I want to talk with you about gloves and how we can use them during winter-time.

But First: How are you guys and what are you up to at the moment? Yesterday I did a photoshoot with some other photographer.  It’s the first time since six months and I was quit nervous for that. I’m looking forward to the results.


Everybody has there own preference when it comes to material. When it comes to hand-wear I love to have both for my winter-essentials. That means wool and leather. It’s always good to have two type of gloves, so you can mix it with your outfit. Dark-blue and black are the ones that I love to wear when it comes to colours. I just can’t imagine that I would wear brown , because it’s harder to mix with your outfit. I don’t know what you prefer to wear? Do you like to wear them in brown or black, or grey? I only wear them when it’s extremely cold outside. But the last few years it’s not extremely cold during day-time. When I’m on my bike I wear them the most because than it can be very cold right ?


These are the ones I really prefer to wear. Although I don’t have them right now in my closet. I had them during my time as a student and it was such a good experience. As I mentioned earlier I’m able to handle the cold-weather, but always have some hand-wear with me, when I’m outside. But Leather gloves are perfect. You don’t feel the cold on your hands wherever you go. When you on your motorcycle or at your bike. So are you ready to purchase some nice hand-wear? Take a look at:Mrporter the have a large-collection of gloves from many brands that you & I admire.

Maybe tomorrow you will find a box with some hand-wear in it, from your girlfriend. It’s valentine-day and  who knows your girlfriend has already bought some nice ones for you. So for now I say: Happy-valentine day and speak with you Friday !

Hugs Luc



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