From Paris With Love

From Paris with Love. Last summer I decided to take a trip to the city of love. Although it’s only 5-6 hours from where I live. I never visit the French-capital before. So it’s… [Read more]

Amsterdam Photo Diary

Amsterdam Photo Diary. Today I want to share my photo’s that I’ve shot a few years a go in Amsterdam. Every pictures I took, has bin made in the centre of Amsterdam.This city has… [Read more]

How to Make Your Summer Vacation Less Stressful

Having only a week or maybe 10 days of holiday is sometimes too short a period to fully relax. We often feel tense and stressed out in the anticipation of going back to work… [Read more]

From Barcelona to Madrid

From Barcelona to Madrid. Today I want to share with you my best-travel-experience so far. It’s was such an amazing experience for me. Exploring Madrid was something I really wanted to do and back… [Read more]

5 Reasons to Move to Hong Kong

Moving to a foreign country can be an extremely challenging experience, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad experience. It has a lot to do with the way you prepare yourself mentally… [Read more]

5 Best Honeymoon Getaway Ideas

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A Local’s Guide to Visiting Sydney

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5 Reasons Why Every Hedonist Should Visit NYC

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How to Experience Vietnam Like a Local

Slowly entering the list of world’s most alluring and bewildering countries, Vietnam has long been in the shadow of its neighboring countries in Asia with more exotic beaches or simply better advertising. Still an… [Read more]

How to Experience Melbourne Like a Local

Everyone craves to see and taste the Land Down Under at least once in their lifetime, and what better way to do just that than to immerse yourself into the local life of its… [Read more]