How to Plan a Perfect Summer Vacation on a Budget

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Milan Photo Diary

Milan Photo Diary. Hello my readers. While I’m writing this. I’m still thinking about my weekend in Milan. Last Friday I was traveling from Eindhoven- to Bergamo. One of the reasons I was traveling… [Read more]

5 Amazing Cities That Will Make You Culturally Rich

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Explore Barcelona

Explore Barcelona. Back at the end of 2016 I needed a break for myself. At that time I was tired and needed some new energy. Barcelona was for me the perfect place to reflect… [Read more]

Visiting Hong Kong? 5 Great Tips You Should Follow

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From Paris With Love

From Paris with Love. Last summer I decided to take a trip to the city of love. Although it’s only 5-6 hours from where I live. I never visit the French-capital before. So it’s… [Read more]

Amsterdam Photo Diary

Amsterdam Photo Diary. Today I want to share my photo’s that I’ve shot a few years a go in Amsterdam. Every pictures I took, has been made in the centre of Amsterdam.This city has… [Read more]

How to Make Your Summer Vacation Less Stressful

Having only a week or maybe 10 days of holiday is sometimes too short a period to fully relax. We often feel tense and stressed out in the anticipation of going back to work… [Read more]

From Barcelona to Madrid

From Barcelona to Madrid. Today I want to share with you my best-travel-experience so far. It’s was such an amazing experience for me. Exploring Madrid was something I really wanted to do and back… [Read more]

5 Reasons to Move to Hong Kong

Moving to a foreign country can be an extremely challenging experience, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad experience. It has a lot to do with the way you prepare yourself mentally… [Read more]