Three years of Blogging

Three years of Blogging. Wauw Time flies so fast. I remember that I was at home and decided to share my passion for fashion. But al so to inspire others to follow there heart. So Today my blog exists three years and I’m truly grateful that I can do this everyday. In my childhood I started to love reading and writing, as I became older, my interest for fashion became bigger. In my youth people already give me compliments about the way I was dressed. I always feel very good inside, when I put on my clothes. It became a daily routine, to dress well.



Three years of blogging.

Three years of blogging, means three years of happiness to me. I’m so grateful that I’m able to share my outfits with you, inspire you with great stories. Now we going to do a little bit of throwback how my three years of blogging was. Are you ready?

How did I start?

Now I started blogging on september 29th in 2014. Days before I already was thinking about sharing my passion for fashion, and I was discovering the blogging thing. I’ve search on internet, read interview about people who already had a blog.  A couple days later I opened my laptop, clicked on Which was the most logical blog-platform for me. I created a name: Styled by Luc, Fashionable & personal at the same time. In my vision a blog also has to be little bit personal. People who reading a blog of someone, want to be connect with a real person.

What I’ve learned?

At the beginning, I didn’t have any knowledge about the blogger-world and how big it was? Didn’t know anything about photography or which kind of lens I need to use? How to use WordPress? , to be honest. I’m still learning everyday about word-press. But in three years of blogging, I’ve learned more about photography, my creativity made a great step forward, and my knowledge about the fashion-industry is better than before. Now a days I can say: I know everything how you can start your own blog, and what it takes to get a big audience. I’ve learned that you have to put all your energy into it. You need to studying, analyze and be eager at the same time.

What a amazing experiences!

There is nothing more to say, I guess? When I started my blog, I knew it would be fun. But I never expected so much great experiences. I remember the first-meeting with a photographer, and of course my first photoshoot! The pictures that I shared today, are pictures of Three years blogging. Now I look back at amazing photoshoots, great days with great people. But I’m al so grateful for every event that I attend the past three years. Meeting new people who inspire you and motivates you to be the best version of yourself that you can be.

Blood, sweat, tears.

My blog exists three years now and blood, sweat, tears where on this journey as well. When you start something your passionate about, you give everything you have. Everyday I was busy in my head with idea’s, locations for shoots and how I wanted to grow with my blog. Blood became first, because my dad died when my blog just started to grow. Never thought It would happened to me, but it was reality on a Tuesday afternoon in January 2015. Sweat because when I collaborate with a dutch-company to create a great article last year in 2016. The tears became reality last summer 2017. My iMac died and I was not able to share more of more outfits or stories that I can tell.

Now on to the next years.

Now guys, on to the next  years of writing, creating and working. The last three-years bin so good to me trough my blog. My blog feels like my own child, and I will do everything to keep it healthy. I want to thank my parents and family and friends for all the support the past three years.

Photography by/ Taria-Ann Verburgt And Quincy Housen


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