Three Different Type of Coats For Winter

Three Different Type Of Coats For Winter. Because for every occasion there is a coat right? How was your week guys? and are you ready for the weekend?

Yesterday It was my plan to visit the dutch-capital Amsterdam, but during the evening I decided to cancel the appointments and invites. During the evening I didn’t feel good about it and I always try to make decisions based on feeling and intuition.  So that’s why I decided not to visit Amsterdam. Although I love the city very much.

Leather jacket.

The leather is certainly a must-have winter-coat if you ask me? For example yesterday it was not that really cold outside and I could wear a leather jacket. But even when the temperature is cold as F*CK. you can wear a leather jacket as well. When you planning to buy a leather jacket, I would really recommend to buy a leather jacket that has lining inside the jacket. It might feels very heavy when you wearing it, but trust me: you will be more than happy when you wearing a leather jack that has lining inside. It feels so much warmer than a leather jacket that doesn’t have lining inside. The bad-news about this kind of jackets is that the are more expensive than the cheaper versions. But if you safe some money for a qualitatively leather jacket, you can wear it for years ! But if you not in that position it always a good idea to look at vintage-stores or online at Ebay for example. Sometimes a person has that kind of leather jacket for sale.

Further a leather-jacket always fits good with a hoodie or with a daily-sweater, it makes your outfit more urban/sportive , you should try it 😉 What also important is before you buy the leather jacket is that you take a look at your wardrobe and see what kind of looks yo have and how you want to mix it with your leather jacket? Because you have leather-jackets in different kind of colours: Black & Brown for example. You also have leather-jackets with a logo on the back. These are all things you have to keep in mind before you do a investment. Or when you just want to buy a leather jacker right-away.


What is a men without a Bomber-jacket? I mean I can’t imagine a mens-wardrobe without a bomber-jacket even during winter-time. The Bomber-jacket I’m wearing on this picture is the one I have for couple of years now and from the outside- it still looks good. This picture is from 2014 and one of my first blog-pictures ever. During Autumn 2014 I’ve bought this bomber jacket and I was very happy with it. Because this is a lining-bomber-jacket. I bought at wefashion but you have many other clothing-brands that offering great-bomber jackets as well. You also have bomber-jackets in different colours and that is very cool if you want to have a few of them in your closet. Beside’s that: if you have a few of them in different kind of colours you are able to mix is with different kind of outfits and that is fashionable if you ask me??

Shearling coat.

The Shearling-coat is also a coat that belongs in a mens-closet don’t you think? The one I’m wearing has some shearling-details as you can see on the picture. I’ve bought this coat in 2017 during Fall. It’s from the brand:Kiomi

It’s a comfortable and very strong coat, but next-winter season my goal is to find a ” real ” shearling coat, because this one has only small pieces of shearling and I want to experience a full-shearling coat. But let’s talk about a shearling-coat in general shall we? Here in Holland where I live is a shearling-coat not a luxury-clothing-piece. During winter and specially in the evening it can be really could outside. But you can’t stay inside for three-months so you have to go outside and do your thing right? So that’s why we need a good-coat ! That keeps us warm and cozy during these cold days. In my opinion a good-shearling-coat is a must-have and keeps you warm when you on a bike or just take your-evening-walk.

So Guys this are the three-type-of coats that a men’s needs in there wardrobe, don’t you think? Let me know your experience and what are your thoughts on men-coats? drop a comment, and speak to you next week!

Hugs Luc

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