The Scarf that keeps me warm

The Scarf that keeps me warm this winter is from: Louis Vuitton. I’ve bought this garment a few years a go, during my time in Amsterdam. I was really a big fan of the design and the dark-blue color.

I’m wearing this scarf for years now.

When I started to search for a nice garment that time, I was thinking about a garment that I could combine with all my outfits. So a Dark-color was the most logical, but every designer┬áhas some nice scarf’s to offer. The choices are huge and that make it hard to buy one. But during my re-search, I’ve discovered this dark-blue garment with the petit-damier print which is classic in the Louis Vuitton history. Now I remember when I discovered this garment, that the list of designers that I’ve set up for myself changed directly. Just because this wool-scarf was the one, what fits perfect with all my daily-looks.

A few Reasons to invest in a good scarf.

As I mentioned before, I’m wearing this garment for years now. The last few years I never had the idea, to put away this garment and buy a different one. Now here in Holland the winter is for: let’s say: four months. So I don’t use this so much as in other countries where you need a scarf more than four months. On the other hand, I always had this classic one and I wearing this for years now, with a lot of pleasure. But now it’s time t say goodbye to this scarf and buy another one, the next winter. If you search for a good garment that you want to wear for years, it’s good to think about your daily-life and about your clothing-style as well.

Some scarf’s fits more with a classic-look than a urban look you know. Further it’s important to make a list of designers that you admire, and see what kind of garments the have to offer. Al so it’s important to choose a budget for your scarf, because the price can be very-high or very-low, it’s depends on the desginer,fabrics etcetera. For example Louis Vuitton has a lot of different ones that is hard to choose. Just make it not to difficult for yourself. Try different designers. Patience can be a key-rol in buying the perfect scarf for the up-coming years.

Cashmere scarf or Wool-Scarf?

Yeah that is a good question? To be honest with you guys. A few years a go I didn’t even had knowledge. Over the kind over materials designers use to make a garment. But since I’m busy with blogging and fashion more than ever. My interest in materials started to grow. Every year I received a invitation to visit the fabrics days in Paris. I’m definitely going to attend these days in the future. Cashmere or wool, is al so a personal taste. It’s not that cashmere is better than wool or vice versa. I was wearing this wool-garment the last few winter-seasons and I can say that it keeps me warm. But I’m very curious how a cashmere scarf feels and how it keeps me warm the next winter? From what I have seen, Cashmere is a more expensive fabric than wool. But that doesn’t mean that is better than wool.

So Guy’s I’m going to drink a cup of Thea, enjoy your weekend !


Scarf by / Louis Vuitton

Photography by / Mr. Vrijhoeven






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