The Fall Look that’s on my mind.

The Fall Look

The Fall look that’s on my mind lately. Hello Guys, how are you today? I’m doing good. Hopefully, you had a good summer. So pity that summer is over don’t you agree? If I look at my own summer, I really have this feeling that I didn’t have a summer at all? Although I’ve enjoyed the weather with friends. But I still have that feeling like: where did that summer go? Now back to reality. Now It’s September and everybody is going back to college or internship, or work. So that’s the same what I do. Last week I should do a photoshoot, but I was getting stuck by the train-traffic. Well, I’ve got a new appointment with a lady to shoot pictures tomorrow. I pray for tomorrow that everything goes well. I’m so excited about this new Fall season. That’s why I want to talk with you about the coming looks that are on my mind lately. 

Fall look.

Well Guys, the look that you see on the pictures, I’ve felt in love with this look right-away. Wearing red again is always a pleasure since I noticed that this color suits me so well. I’m preparing myself for fall and the first thing I do is surf over the websites or scrolling through apps from:Matches Fashion and MrPorter. When I saw this look, I was over the moon. I’ve already had this kind of loafers in my closet and today I saw a nice red-knitwear that fits with a grey-trouser. At the moment I don’t have grey trouser or red-knitwear in my closet, so I’m super excited to bring it in my wardrobe. What I also like about a grey-trouser is that fits with many other different colors. I also have this idea to shoot this Fall look in the woods. So you and I really get that Fall vibe, sounds cool right? 

The upcoming days.

Well, Guys, I’m super happy that tomorrow is a new chance to shoot pictures when the fall is coming, you know that the weather will not be better. But that doesn’t bother me to shoot pictures outside. I’m traveling tomorrow to shoot pictures in a town that I never saw before here in holland. I have never been to that place, but I hope to tell you everything about it in my next blogpost. I don’t have any weekend plans so maybe we chat during the weekend. Otherwise, I would like to wish you a good weekend and we speak to each other next week.


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Image source: MrPorter




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