Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather, is my first thought when I’m thinking about autumn-season. It’s getting colder and you have to change your wardrobe. T-shirts, shorts and short-jeans make space, for knit-wear, sweaters, coats, scarfs and hand-gloves. Bring it on ! Are you Ready?


Finding the right sweater can be hard, when you search for sweaters that fits you well, but you can not only wear this autumn, but als the next autumn seasons.That’s why investments can be handy for the future, when it comes to autumn-clothing. When autumn has arrived, the choices of sweaters is so large, that could be hard to choose the right one. So many options can make it difficult for us. You thinking about the color, about prize about when you going to wear it ? so many questions about one piece. So hopefully I can help you a little bit, trough the pictures of my blue sweater.

What kind of color?

As I already mentioned, the color can be a key-roll. But most of the time people choose for a save color. But if you want to go out the box, go-a head. There is nothing wrong to play with different colors. So did I. I’ve bought my sweater in February this year 2017. Winter was coming to an end, but this kind of pieces is always handy. But before that, I’ve saw a lot of pieces that fits with my personal taste. From a simple black one to a fashionable grey one. After some re-search and a couple of webshops further I picked up, a dark-blue from the label: Daily Paper.


With a Dark-Blue-sweater you can never go wrong. Why not? Because it almost fits with every kind of jeans for example. It looks maybe very basic and not fashionable. But when you combine it with a ripped jeans or like me with a black slim-fits jeans, it will be very fashionable if you ask me. But taste can be different that for everyone. Style is a personal taste right?

Daily-Paper Sweater.

Now let’s go a little bit deeper in my dark- blue-sweater from Daily Paper it’s not a secret from the people who close to me, that I love urban-wear as well. Here in Holland we have some of urban labels as well. One of them is Daily Paper and before my first purchase of this brand, I already had it one my wish-list. The first time I saw this clothing-piece, I felt in love with his appearance. Because never ever I saw so a basic blue clothing-piece as this one. I could not wait for days, to buy it. So I’m very happy to wear it, speak to you soon! Happy Autumn !

Sweater / Daily Paper

Jeans / Acne Studios

Sneakers / Nike

Photography Tamara Rubia

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