Sweater season has arrived

Sweater season has arrived in Holland. How are you my friends? This Fall/Season 2018 is very intersering if you ask me. Fall means we need to wear more clothes and have so many options as well.

Sweater season has arrived.

The temperature in holland was high the last couple of months. But I decided to buy a sweater already because I want to prepare myself as good as possible for this Fall. When I did my weekly window shopping I saw this sweater from HM and it was for sale with a huge discount. So I didn’t think twice to purchase this piece. I always try to buy smart. Beside’s that I have to start a new fall/winter wardrobe. This clothing-piece is exactly what I needed. It’s funny how window-shopping can be good from time to time. If you do it once in a while, you maybe see some cheap-items for yourself. This time of the year always has something special if you ask me. We can stay inside and watch more movies or others things. What do you think ?

Why I bought this sweater.

Another reason why I bought this sweater, is because of the colours. I have a white-skin so I really pay attention to the colours. Most of the time I wear black, because I feel good when I wear it. But this sweater has three different colours and give’s my skin more life if you ask me. I feel really comfortable in this sweater and I think it’s a basic-sweater which is easy to combine with a trouser or another type of jeans. Don’ you think? Beside’s that this sweater has 80% cotton which is a nice fabric as well. I prefer to wear wool by the way. But Cotton is my third option.

Why I decided to wear it with a black jeans?

I decided to wear it with a black jeans from Acne Studios and some black boots by timberland. I wanted to stand out with the sweater so I decided to wear it with a basic-jeans. If I would wear it with a ripped jeans, the sweater would get less attention in my opinion. Further my black timberlands are my favourite’s during Fall/Winter. The keep my feet warm and feels cozy at the same time.

Now guys I speak to you very soon.


Sweater by / HM

Jeans by / Acne Studios

Boots by / Timberland

Photography by my Self.





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