Step out of your comfort zone

Step out of your comfortzone

Step out of your comfort zone. From time to time it’s good to step out of your comfort zone. Not only as human-being. But also when it comes to your personal-style. Developing your style and try new type of style’s is fun and good for your creativity. Ever since I love fashion, I’ve played with my personal-style from time to time. With this outfit I want to inspire you to do the same-thing. I also believe that coming out your comfort zone gives you new energy and new perspective on the world.

I dare to take risks and wearing clothes that make people think: What the hell is he wearing!? But in my opinion fashion means more than only fun, with fashion you can speak with your clothes or make a statement. Further more playing with your style and try new things makes you excited again. Keeps you also moving don’t you think? That’s what I did with this t-shirt from the brand:a-cold-wall. I’ve saw this piece and knew this is something I dare to wear. I’m not afraid for others opinions and love to develop my personal-style. When it comes to my personal-style, I never been afraid of others opinions. I hope and want to inspire people to be same as I am in terms of being yourself all the time.

Step out your comfort-zone

Step out of your comfort-zone

Step out of your comfort-zone

Step out of your comfort-zone

Step out of your comfort-zone

Step out of your comfort-zone

Step out of your comfort-zone

Step out of your comfort-zone

Step out of your comfort zone.

I’ve stepped out of my shelter with this outfit. Last Spring 2018 I was looking for a t-shirt what makes me stand out of the crowd. When was I scrolling trough the high-end-street-wear brands. I’ve couldn’t find a piece that really was special. Until I saw this t-shirt from the brand:A-Cold-Wall. I didn’t think twice about this t-shirt. Because with this t-shirt I could reach my goal. Stepping out my comfort-zone and speak to people directly. The second reason I’ve bought this t-shirt is because I’m huge fan of this brand. It’s from there SS/18 collection. I’m wearing a size: M to keep it really oversized. Something that I love to wear from time to time.

This t-shirt is made from cotton but feels a little bit heavier. What I really think is cool about this t-shirt are the patches: You can even remove them if you want. Since I know the brand in 2016. I’ve bought a piece of this brand every year. When it comes to streetwear-brands: this is my favourite brand. Its affordable and the quality is very high. Further it’s still a young-brand and I’m very proud to have it in my closet.

I decided to wear this t-shirt with a black-short from:nike .I try to keep this t-shirt in the picture and wearing a black-short. Doesn’t keep away the attention from this t-shirt. To complete this outfit, I used my low-top sneakers from:Jordan. These low-top sneakers fits perfect with this outfit. Further more these sneakers are perfect for streetwear-summer-outfits don’t you think? With this outfit I think the job of: getting out your comfort zone is completed.

What do you think of the environment? These pictures are made last-summer 2018 and it was during a very hot-morning. When I was heading home my photographer:Koen Stijnen: did a suggestion: to make the pictures black/white and I was totally agree with that.

About the Designer: Samuel Ross.

Samuel Ross was born in Brixton, England. Coming from a middle-working class family. Samuel started with tattoo’s when he was 17-years-old. Every time he had a new tattoo. Samuel Ross was taking steps out of the normal society. When Samuel was only a few years-old he and his parents moved from Brixton England to Northampton England. His parents where afraid he would grew-up in a dangerous area and would end in a bad-situation. At the age of 15 Samuel Ross was selling fake-clothes to people from his redbrick estate. Samuel Ross didn’t come from a rich wealthy-family so he has to bring money on the table.

After his study graphic design and illustration at the Montfort university in Leicester. The British-designer step up his port-folio online. Virgil Abloh caught his attention and invited him for a internship. In the next week Samuel Ross says goodbye to the city Leicester. He moved to his auntie’s spare room in Croydon. He accepted a job at Shoreditch ad agency. Working for Virgil abloh was really nice and learning experience for him. Samuel was incredibly happy because he had meetings with Virgil Abloh, Kanye West and Jerry Lorenzo from the brand:Fear of God.  After working for Virgil Abloh’s brand:Off-white. Samuel Started his own brand. Now a days Samuel Ross is on the list of Forbes under 30. A list of self-made millionaires under the age of 30.


The first-time I hear from this brand was back in the summer of 2016. A lady I had contact with that-time. Was wearing A-Cold-Wall and she introduce me to this brand and told me where it comes from and where I could buy it. I remember I was in love with the brand from the moment I saw it. She told me that A-Cold-Wall was founded in 2015. The founder was: Samuel Ross who started his own-label after working for Virgil Abloh’s Off-white. This brand is inspired by the British-class-system. It’s based in London and only 4-years old. The collections that Samuel-Ross made are British working-class uniforms with elements of tailoring. Even basic garments like t-shirts and logo’s are handcraft bye the brand. Each garment is hand-made and Samuel add’s logo’s himself on the garments.

What does A-Cold-Wall mean? Samuel explains that our entire society is based on walls. Unpleased feeling rubbing your hands against that wall. That barrier is a feeling everybody knows. For him this is more than only a streetwear-design-project. Now a-days A-Cold-Wall collaborated with Nike. Which is a big-succes for both brands. This brands offers: accessories, tops, leg wear,outer-wear, and footwear as well. A-Cold-Wall doesn’t have a physical store but pop-up-stores from time to time.

Where to buy?

I’ve bought my garment at there online-store:A-Cold-Wall but if you not a online-shopper like I am. A-Cold-Wall is presented in Barneys NYC. Further more: Labels-Fashion and of course all the big-online retailers are selling A-Cold-Wall. In cities like: London, NYC, Paris and Berlin. There will be a store that will offers a few items of this brand. If you want to buy there special-collaboration items. It’s maybe a good idea to subscribe on their newsletter. It’s something what I also did and you will get e-mail on time when there are new items in stock or when a special-collaboration is coming. You able to buy it with your pay-pal account or credit-card.



Short/ nike

Sneakers/ Jordan

Photography/ Koen Stijnen





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