SS 19 Mens Bag Trend

SS19 Mens bag Trend

SS 19 Mens bag Trend. Hello Readers how are you? It’s summer-time and fashion-month is behind us. We have seen so many nice collections for the next SS20. What was your favourite show? Let us know in a comment down below. We love to hear from you. We are excited to talk about that in the near future. But first: let’s kick-off this summer 2019 with the SS19 Mens bag trend. If you following the street-style movement. You already seen a lot of different bags passing by. The most iconic-bag that stands out from all: is the Saddle bag from Dior. If you scrolling trough your instagram-feed, you probably seen this bag already. We are really in love with this bag. Are you too? Today we discuss the SS19 mens bag trends. How to style hem? and where to buy? Because it’s not only the bigger-fashion-brand that has a large collections of mens’ bags. Also the smaller-brands have a great-line of bags that are fashionable for this summer 2019. But let’s start with the general information shall we?

SS19 Mens Bag

SS19 Mens bag Trend

SS 19 Mens Bag Trend.

I don’t know about you guys. But we ware happy to have this kind of bags, back in our daily-summer-looks. We love to carry a bag when we ware on the go or when we going to event. A couple years ago this was not the case. It was more about clutches. Now a days it’s all about shoulder-bags and pocket-bags. Beside’s that wearing a shoulder bag is not a womans-thing anymore. If you following the street-style scene you see that most fashionable-guys are wearing a shoulder bag as well. Do you have a preference for bags? Clutches or would you like to wear a shoulder-bag? Having a shoulder bag is trendy right now. The shoulder bag can be used when you go to a terrace or just for a window-shopping moment. You don’t want to leave the house without bag. It’s summer-time so a jacket is not always necessary. These kind of bags are perfect to put in your mobile-phone, keys or other things. Further ┬ámore its smarter to put these kind of things in a bag than in your pocket right? Specially when you know that most of these-bags have zippers and you can wear them however you want. You can wear this bag up-front or on your back. Further more a pocket-bag doesn’t have to be heavy. Most of the time they are light and easy to wear. I hope this trend will continue for the up-coming Spring/Summer trends. Because we love to wear these kind of bag during the Spring/Summer time. What is your opinion about his Mens-bag trend?

Where to Buy?

If you really falling in love with this Mens Bag trend, than you have plenty of options. Everything starts with a budget right? If you have the budget to invest in a summer-trend-bag. Than great fashion-houses like:Dior, Gucci Fendi and Balenciaga have great-line of bags that are a eye-catchers at het moment. But when you are not in the position to afford this kind of bags. You have the opportunity to shop at places like: Sandro-Paris and APC have a great-lines of bags for less-prize than the high-end fashion brands I mentioned earlier in this post. Further more urban brands like: Daily-Paper and online-retailer: Asos have bags for a more affordable prize. When you really have a small-budget and still want to keeping up with this bag-trend. Brands like:HM and Zara have similar bags like the big-designers create for a budget-prize.

Do your re-search.

Make sure you do a little bit of re-search before you buy the bag. Keep your summer-outfits in the back of your mind. You don’t want to end in having great bags, but these bags doesn’t match with your outfit. But also keep all the occasions in your mind as well. When you are going to a festival it might not be smart to wear a designer bag, even you wear it on your shoulder. The venue is full with people and you never know what can happend. You don’t want to experience that regret-feeling of loosing a designer-bag.

When you know that you going to wear these for two-years straight. Maybe its an idea to buy two kind of bags but each in a different prize-range. Specially if you know that your summer will be full of activities.

The first-one from a designer for example and the other: more affordable for your day-to-day outfits. Keep also attention to the materials, do you have preference for: nylon or leather? Further more when you still want to buy an designer pocket bag for example. It might not be a bad-idea to search on:Ebay for a vintage-piece. Sometimes people have these bag for sale and for less-prize than the one in the store. This will save you a lot of money. But make sure you do everything with precision. Ask for the bill and for good pictures, and even for a phone-call. Buying from internet is not always the most safe-way.

How to Style?

If you know what kind of mens bag you want to wear. It’s time to style them with your outfit. As you can see on the first picture. This men styled his cross body bum bag in black. With a nice black-tee. It’s simple but it really reflects the trend that is going on right now. In the second picture you see that this guy is wearing a black/red pocket bag in combination with a black-sweater. This matched completely with his outfit. The red comes back in the bag and in his sweater at the same time. Which makes it a really fashionable-style, in our opinion. In the last picture you see a green-nylon cross-body-bag. Made from Nylon and a really trendy-bag right now. If you hit the streets, you might already seen this kind bags with your own-eyes. What we really like about this style is the following: This guy is wearing a basic-white-tee and finished it with his Green-nylon cross-body bag. The bag really catches our attention. What we also liked about this bag, that’s a more larger bag. This means you have space fore more than only your keys and phone.


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