Spring in the air

Spring is in the air and I’m happy that the cold-days are behind us. I really like it when it’s time to put out the coat. But anyway’s how are you guys ? Today I share you my latest Spring look.

Spring it’s only the begin. How I combined this denim jacket.

In my previous blogpost you could read that I wanted to wear my Old-Denim Jacket¬†again. But I didn’t had any clothes to combine my denim jacket. But here it is and I’m so happy to share this with you. I really like to wear this during this season. I’ve combined a couple of colors. What was in my mind when saw the red t-shirt. After that I knew that this white jeans would fit perfect with a Red T-shirt and white jeans. What so awesome is when you have this kind of denim-jacket. You are able to combine it with every other t-shirt or long-sleeve shirt. Not only Red or white. Just choose the color that fits you the best. In my case: Red or Blue are colors that fits me the best during spring. But I want to try other colors in the future. I think that personal style always can change during the years. I’m a huge fan of wearing black and grey, but I couldn’t combine this look better than I did now. During the process of creating this look, I knew that my white-sneakers would give the finishing touch on this look. I really feel that these sneakers make’s the look perfect and also more sportive.

Desire to inspire.

When I was wearing this look, I’ve couldn’t wait to show it you in the hope you get inspired. Because that is one of the reasons I share this look with you. It’s a look what really feels as spring. So for me: I’m now ready for this season.

I’m wearing the Balr- Red T-Shirt.

As you can see on the images I’m wearing a Red-Balr T-shirt. This Balr T-shirt is exclusive for sale on there website. Balr Teamed-up with RED for the fight against AIDS. So you not only have a fashionable t-shirt but also you support there fight against HIV. We must continue this battle and I’m very proud to wear this t-shirt. Further it’s a nice color to wear during spring.

What kind of jacket do you like to wear during spring?

I’m very curious what your favorite type of jacket is during this -spring season, so let me know In a comment down below.

The denim jacket is my favorite if you ask me. I’m really happy that I didn’t put it away, because it’s really fashionable. But there are more than only a denim-jacket what you can wear in this season. Lightweight jackets are for everyone a good option. Back in the days I was wearing these kind of jackets as well. Now a days you can make me more happy with a lightweight bomber-jacket.

So this is it for now, I speak to you soon guys.

Denim jacket by / Replay

T-Shirt by / Balr

Jeans by / Diesel

Photography by / Machaeux





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