Places I would like to visit part-two: London

Places I would like to visit part-two: London. Hey Guys how are you ? Are you already in the weekend-mood. Friday is my favourite-day of the week. I always wake-up in a good-mood and most of the time. I start the day earlier, because I want to enjoy it to the fullest. But what are your plans for the up-coming weekend? I’m having a birthday-family day upcoming Sunday and looking forward to it. Further I’m about to watch some soccer-games. And I’m about to go live on my Instagram-page and do a little un-boxing video. So if you want to see my latest purchases, than I see you Sunday on my: Instagram.

This is London baby.

So Guys this is number-two on my bucket-list in terms of travel. I’ve always bin a person that is interested in other cultures so travel is the most exciting to explore and discover other cultures. This United-kingdom capital is only a two-hour flight, but for some reason I never bin here. At the moment it’s so cheap to fly to London that it sounds even weird that I didn’t visit this city yet. Everybody that has visit London before is very positive about the city and the people are very friendly. So that sounds very good to me, don’t you think?


London seems to be a very great-spot for shopping. Of course all the huge-fashion-brands have a store in London. But if you don’t chase the high-end clothes, there are enough options from what I heard. During the Christmas-times it can be a great shopping experience. So maybe I’m going in December, but I hope to go up-coming summer after my trip to Milan. But anyways, you have so many shop-possibly’s in London that it’s almost bad for your wallet ( lol ).


Because I’m a huge fan of soccer. This city has a soccer-team on every corner. For example: Arsenal, Chelsea,Totteham, they have so many derby’s as well. London must be a great-place if you are big-soccer fan like me. But for now I want to say:

Happy weekend and Speak with you Monday.

Hugs, Luc



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