Places I would like to visit Part Three: Miami

Places I would like to visit Part Three: Miami. In places I would like to visit, I show you the places that are on my bucket-list at the moment.

How are you guys? and How was your weekend? I’ve had a great weekend with a family-birthday. Further I decided to watch a movie on Saturday-night. Because the next-Sunday morning I had to wake up early. So Saturday-night I lay in bed right on time. This week will be good, because upcoming Wednesday-morning I’m about to shoot pictures with my photographer:Koen Stijnen I’m so excited for that and I can’t wait to show you my spring-outfits and so much more!

Places I like to visit part three: Miami.

The Third place I would like to visit is: Miami, this place feels for me like heaven, even I only see it from movies and music-clips. Last Year my brother visit this place in Florida and was very impressed by the city. When I see the pictures of this city, I get a good-feeling ! See the sun, beach and sky-scrapers I woud like to get to take a flight right away.

A lot of people here in Holland are visiting NYC more than other cities in America. But I always want to do something different than doing normal. I also feel like Miami is more American than NYC?? Maybe you can tell me more about it. Do you ever bin in Miami ? Let me know in a comment down below.

The first time I knew from Miami is from the song: Miami by Will Smith and the other Song from Jim Jones featuring Trey Songz called: Summer with Miami. Since 2012 I follow the Basketball Team Miami  Heat and in my closet I have two-items. One sweater what you can see in my this Blogpost
So I have some love for this city. When you scroll trough my: Instagram page you can see my Miami-Heat Jersey, I’m planning to show it this Spring/summer to you in a blogpost.

For now I say: Happy week and speak to you later this week !


Hugs Luc



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