Streetwear are clothes that I love to wear most of the time. This sweatshirt is a nice piece for the up-coming Spring/Summer don’t you think? I was wearing: Sweater by A-cold-wall Jeans by… [Read more]

From Barcelona to Madrid

From Barcelona to Madrid, what a amazing experience. Today I  share my best travel experience so far. I still can’t believe, I was able to travel by train from Barcelona to Madrid. I’m going… [Read more]

Days in Barcelona

I’ve spend Days in Barcelona last weekend. Last November I was planning my 29’th birthday and I was thinking what to do? My birthday is one week for Christmas and that is hard. Most… [Read more]

Kledingtips voor de Kerst

De Feestdagen staan weer voor de deur. Dit betekent dat ik vandaag wat kledingtips voor de kerst ga geven. Want wat moet je nou aantrekken? Wordt het weer een smoking overhemd of ga je… [Read more]

My Love for Amsterdam

My love for Amsterdam. Where did it started? I was only six-years old and my parents took me to Amsterdam. That day was special to me, and will always be for me. When I… [Read more]