Yes I wear caps as well

Yes I wear caps as well, not that I wear them often, but when my hair is not on point anymore. I wear a cap, just to make sure that I look good. Sometimes… [Read more]

The Scarf that keeps me warm

The Scarf that keeps me warm this winter is from: Louis Vuitton. I’ve bought this garment a few years a go, during my time in Amsterdam. I was really a big fan of the… [Read more]

Once you go Black

Once you go Black, you never go back. That is what people told me, a few years a go. Wearing this color, brings me joy in some way. As you can see on the… [Read more]

New Year New Goals

New Year New Goals, this is on my mind the first week of the new year. But first I would like to say: Happy New year to you, may this year a great one… [Read more]

A New Years Eve look

A New Years Eve look, we have to dress at our best right? It’s that special-day once in a year. We celebrate the year that we leave behind us, but also we celebrate a… [Read more]

What to wear during Christmas

Christmas. What to wear during these days? It’s a question what comes around this time. We want to be at our best during Christmas. What to wear during Christmas It’s something that we can… [Read more]

Is this my favorite outfit

This is my favorite outfit at the moment, no doubts about that. Wearing wool knitwear in combination with a skinny ripped jeans and some suede boots. Nothings looks more fashionable than this, if you… [Read more]

Coat Season has Arrived

Coat Season has Arrived. This means we need a good coat, when we go outside. That’s why I bought myself a new coat. Because a good and warm jacket is my best friend during… [Read more]

Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather, is my first thought when I’m thinking about autumn-season. It’s getting colder and you have to change your wardrobe. T-shirts, shorts and short-jeans make space, for knit-wear, sweaters, coats, scarfs and hand-gloves…. [Read more]

Three years of Blogging

Three years of Blogging. Wauw Time flies so fast. I remember that I was at home and decided to share my passion for fashion. But al so to inspire others to follow there heart…. [Read more]