My Instagram Change

Hey Guys, Today I want to talk with you, about my Instagram feed. Because I’ve change a lot in my feed, for example I’ve delete al the post from years back, private moments etc…. [Read more]

German Craftmanship

German Craftmanship when I saw the Kerbholz Watch & Sunglass For the first time. After that I was curious how it was to wear both essentials.   This German Craftmanship has something that stands… [Read more]

Why there was Silence?

Why there was silence? Now my iMac was broken. It happend five weeks ago, and I miss my iMac every day. So that is the main-reason for the silence on my blog, the last… [Read more]

Being a Bof-Member

Being a Bof-Member is really a cool thing, you know why? Because you stay updated about the fashion-industry in every single way. Why I wanted to be a Bof-Member? Since my interest in fashion… [Read more]

Mr.Porter A guide for a Stylish Life

Mr Porter The Guide for a life in Style, that is what Mr.Porter is about, you can find everything you need, to live your life in Style. Mr.Porter has so much to offer. Style in… [Read more]

Gentleman’s Watch

A couple weeks a go, I received this Kane Watch, and I’m so happy with it. I’ve always wanted, to have a Gentleman’s watch, that fits with a classic outfit. Now I can rock… [Read more]

Spring / Summer Essential

When I think about a Spring/Summer essential, I think about a Sunglass. A good and nice Sunglass for a day with a lot of sunny moments. That’s why I choose for a simple, but… [Read more]

Upcoming Summer

Thinking about the upcoming summer, make me feel so good. Great cocktails, long-days and good times. But What to wear upcoming summer? I was wearing this look last-summer, what do you think about this… [Read more]

Less Posts

As you might noticed, I’m post less the last few weeks. I want to tell you that my private life is not good at the moment. Hopefully you will understand it, I want to… [Read more]

Goodbye Winter

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring, I’m done with the cold days and the dark sky. Are you ready for the Spring? The Winter is not my favorite season. / Cap/ /Dsquared2 / Sweatshirt / Off-White… [Read more]