Once you go Black

Once you go Black, you never go back. That is what people told me, a few years a go. Wearing this color, brings me joy in some way. As you can see on the pictures, I’m wearing a full dark outfit and it didn’t bored me.

Wearing black is never a bad choice.

This dark color can be your favorite color once you wear it often. I always feel that a couple of dark pieces in your wardrobe is a must-have. Whether it is a shirt, jeans or even a dark coat ! At the moment I have some dark pieces like: Jeans, suit , knit-wear, beanie, blazer and of course some boots in my closet. So this color really dominate my wardrobe at the moment. In the future it will change maybe, but I’m not finished yet when it comes to this color, because you can never have enough black-clothes in your closet. When I’m wearing this dark-color I always feel more stronger than with blue for example. I don’t have explanation further, but this is how I experience this color. I remember that one of my first photoshoots three years a go, I was wearing a black outfit as well.

You can combine black with almost any other color.

Its a fact that black is a basic-color, what is maybe the most important or favorite color in your wardrobe. Whatever your occasion or activity is, combine black with grey or white, and you are always good to go. So you can combine this with almost any other color in your wardrobe. Don’t have doubts about that. The last few times I’ve combined it with a grey jeans and it fits perfect. When it comes to combine pieces or create a look for the day, I always look to the colors. Sometimes you don’t have to, but for me personally it is something what comes in my mind directly.

Why I show this hoodie for the first time.

As you can see on the pictures I’m wearing a black-balr hoodie. It is my first time that I’ve show this hoodie on my blog. I’ve bought this Balr hoodie Two years a go, and I try to show it on my blog right away, but I was not satisfied with the pictures that me & my photographer made.The location was perfect, but the pictures where not my cup of Thea. So I decided not share it on my blog. Now I really feel, that I’m ready to share this hoodie and al so I have the jeans and other stuff to combine this hoodie. Because it is al about the outfit. Beside’s that I love to wear this hoodie, because of the brand in general and the quality is very good. Further I’ve combine it with a cap from Dsquared2 and really love the signature in the cap. The cap was a piece from a bitch where collection what is still available on there website. But hurry up, because it is almost sold-out.

So guys this is it, for this week, I speak to you next week, enjoy your weekend !

Cap by /Dsquared2

Hoodie by / Balr

Jeans by / Acne StudiosĀ 

Boots by / Timberland

Photography by Mr. Vrijhoeven




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