My old Denim Jacket

Hey Guys how are you ? Today I would like to talk with you about, My old Denim jacket, oh my god. Can’t remember the last time I wearing this jacket. It feels like I’m going back in the times when I started to love clothes and fashion in general.

Why a Denim Jacket is Fashionable during Spring.

Spring is finally in Europe and I’m more than happy. Although my wardrobe is not ready for spring yet. On the background I’m working on it. The last few weeks I was cleaning my closet because I put all my winter-items on, it’s a website where people set there stuff on sale. My experiences are very good with this website.

Now back to this jacket what I bought with my mom when I was in my teen-age years. Years later I didn’t wear it and even put it in the attic room! But my mom always said to me: you will wear it again, just wait and see. So here we are. A couple week’s a go I was in front of my wardrobe with a white jeans and a red -t-shirt. I was thinking: I need one clothing-piece to finish the look and my old denim jacket came in my mind right in a minute. Why is a denim-jacket fashionable during spring? It’s a basic-item that you can combine with a white-jeans or with a trouser. In the evening when the temperature goes lower and you are still outside, this jacket is a good option. It’s also easy to carry with you during the day.

What do you wear during spring?

Now I told a little bit about my old denim jacket, I was wondering what you are planning to wear this spring? There are so many cool outfit’s to create and to wear. Do you prefer a trouser during spring? or a light-jeans? You like to wear a blazer? or a leightweight-jacket? I’m very curious, just let me know in a comment down below.

In my next post. I show you how to combine this jacket.

I’ve got a outfit in my mind and I’m sharing this with you as soon as possible. I’m really excited to share with you. Love to hear your comments.

Speak to you soon.


Denim jacket /Replay

Photography / Moi

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