New Year New Goals

New Year New Goals, this is on my mind the first week of the new year. But first I would like to say: Happy New year to you, may this year a great one for you.

New Year New Goals.

The Holiday-season is over, and for me personally its the time to look back on the last year and what happend during that year. Last year 2017 I decided to change my career, but at the end it didn’t worked-out as I excepted. What I noticed last december, when I look back to my goals for 2017, was that I achieved a couple of them, so I was happy at the same time. Unfortunately I didn’t achieved my biggest goal trough private-circumstances. But when you didn’t achieved al the things you said to yourself in the year. You can always achieved these targets in the next year. We are not perfect and we all make mistakes during the year, so don’t be sad about that. For this year 2018 I said to myself: I have to make big improvements on career level and private level as well. I’m very excited and the last month December has given me positive energy to make 2018 a great year.

What you think about my new Vogue Beanie?

We have to talk a little bit about fashion as well right? in this blogpost. As the winter-continues, we want to keep our head warm. I wear a Vogue Beanie this winter-season, and every time I’m wear it , I feel so fashionable. It tell’s everyone I love fashion and I see this as a second-business card, while I’m on my way. Sometimes I bought the Vogue magazine if the magazine interviewed some interesting people. The dutch Vogue has al so a men’s issue two times a year. If I bought the last mens-issue, I could received a vogue beanie. I’ve looked in to my wardrobe and I discovered that I didn’t had any nice beanie in my closet for the winter, so it was time to search for a new one. So when I heard that Vogue had a beanie, I bought the mens vogue-issue in combination with the vogue beanie. I can say that is a funny-experience to wear it.

So thats it, for now and this week. I wish you a very good weekend and speak to you next week.

Beanie by / Vogue

Photography Mr. Vrijhoeven


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