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Youtube Channel

My Youtube Channel. Hi Guys, how are you? And how was your weekend? I’ve spent my weekend at home and I watched some soccer-games what I do most of the weekends. It sounds quite boring, right? What I also did was searching for a leather-jacket because my previous leather-jacket was all worn out. So it was time for a new leather jacket. Now the good thing is: that Instagram-page:Menwithstreetstyle created a collection in partnership with HM/Men. In this collection, there is also a leather jacket, and I didn’t think twice about it. I’ve ordered this leather-jacket and I hope it will be in my hands today. Can’t wait to show you this leather jacket guys. If you curious about what kind of leather jacket I’ve bought? Just go to the:
HM and you can see the leather jacket.

I’ve also ordered a new: Portrait-lens. It’s a perfect lens to make portraits and for my blog and photography career, this is the lens I’m going to work with now and in the future. I still need to buy a good-body for this lens, but I hope to have a good body really soon.

The other good news is that I can work with a lady again to shoot pictures for each-other. Two weeks ago we had contact over the mail about each other’s careers and she asked if I want to do some photo-shoots and I was super happy. So yesterday I made an appointment for the upcoming Thursday. Its’ been a while since we shoot pictures for each other, but I’m super excited about that. I’m definitely going to show you my new leather jacket.

So stay tuned for that guys.


Since I have a blog, I’ve thought about to start my own youtube channel. Just to show my clothing-style in different ways and different channel. Unfortunately, I don’t have a budget to hire a videographer. It’s a pity that some idea’s required a bigger-budget than I have now. But I hope I can fix this problem as soon as possible. The good thing is that I can share some video with you guys, today. It’s a video/lookbook that Quincy Housen created for me. It was back in the days around 2015 when I just started with my blog. So this is the result and idea that I have with my youtube channel. Maybe I can start with some little steps and make it bigger as it grows? Do you have any questions or tips on how to build this from the ground-up? Let me know in a comment down below.


The week ahead.

So Guys, this week my plans are to write more blog posts and keep you more up-to-date on what happened in my life. Not that I have such an interesting life, but this week will be fun. As I mentioned earlier I just received my new portrait lens and can’t wait to have my hands on the right camera. Upcoming Thursday I have a shooting day with Tamara and I’m excited about that. Like I said before it’s been a long while since we shoot pictures for each other. Maybe today I also receive my new leather jacket and it’s a long-term investment. Keep an eye on my blog for more of that. I also have a great weekend to look forward to. Because a good friend of mine is going to marry. I’m super happy for both of them and grateful that I received an invite.

Do I speak with you tomorrow?


Photographed:Koen Stijnen



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