My Love for Amsterdam

My love for Amsterdam. Where did it started? I was only six-years old and my parents took me to Amsterdam. That day was special to me, and will always be for me. When I was walking on the streets of the dutch capital. I felt something special. People, a lot of noice and the canals. Today I want to share my love for Amsterdam with you, and why I have these deep feelings.

My love for Amsterdam have al so another reason, because I became Ajax fan.The club that played her home-games in capital of holland. For me there was no doubt about my favorite city in the world and my feelings for the dutch Capital was growing when I became older. Nobody in my family had the same feelings that I had about the city. But to me it was very important and now a days everyone who is close to me knows that.

What to see in Amsterdam?

As you can read, the canals have something special for me. Every time walking along the canals I feel happy, save, great at the same time. I’m looking to houses, canals and make some pictures of it. For me the most beautiful spot of Amsterdam. Most of the time you see al lot people walking around me and shooting pictures as well. What you a have to see, when you are in Amsterdam, is the Damsquare and Anne Frank House. These two spots are very touristic but is worth the time and you will get a closer look how the canals where in 1940. You probably have to wait for more than a hour, but it is all good when you step in to her house.

How to see Amsterdam?

When I’m in Amsterdam, I do everything with the Tram or with my feet. But there are different ways to see Amsterdam. You can buy a OV Ticket for the whole day and buy it at the Central Station. Or you can rent some bikes and cycling trough Amsterdam the whole day. This something what you can do in the Spring when the weather is on his best. If you want to know more about the Canals, you can buy a ticket for a canal trip. In the future I will tell you more about the ways you can see Amsterdam better.








Photography by Luc Herbergs

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