My Instagram Change

Hey Guys, Today I want to talk with you, about my Instagram feed. Because I’ve change a lot in my feed, for

example I’ve delete al the post from years back, private moments etc.

Instagram Feed.

As we all know, Instagram as become one of the biggest social-media channels. With million of users and new cool features, Instagram is a popular social-media app. But let’s talk about my Instagram feed. First of all, I’m very proud of my last three pictures. Everyday I get comments, personal-dm’s and I really enjoy all the support that I received from the people. But I’m always hungry for more and with Instagram there is no exception. More Comments + likes, is the goal.

New Strategy.

Since my level of photography has become better, I’m only post a very high-quality picture. That’s al so the reason why I post less instead of more. I noticed that , After the last three pictures, my new strategy worked out very well. Instagram is already such a very-hard business, that you have to stand out the crowd to grow on the popular social-media app.

Let’s talk a little bit about the outfit.

You can see that this outfit balanced between sportive and casual. Now that is exactly my style. Sometimes I’m in the mood for more casual than sportive or urban. As this summer is more typical Dutch-Summer, I prefer to wear more grey just like the weather here. It’s a very basic t-shirt and you can combine it with every type of jeans. The Jeans I’m wearing is from Asos┬áripped details makes the jeans always a little bit more sportive. I’ve combine the outfit with some white sneakers, which are not always a good idea to wear. When the sun is shine’s and you it will be a very dry day, rock it. But for me personal my white sneakers are most of the time in the box, because Holland is not the country for white sneakers.

T-shirt /Balr

Jeans / Asos

Sneakers / Christian Louboutin

Photography by Taria-Ann Verbught.

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