My Favourite Fashion Magazine

My Favourite fashion magazine

My Favourite Fashion Magazine. Hello Guys, how are you? Yesterday I was in Amsterdam for two appointments. The first appointment was for registration. The woman who offered a registration-option was very kind. We spoke for an hour and the most common subject was photography. Which is quite funny isn’t it?
The second appointment was for a room and it was the most dirty-room I have ever seen in my life. I can tell you that I’ve seen a lot of rooms, but this room was too dirty. It was not worth a picture and my feeling were negative, so I leave the room very quickly. During the afternoon I’ve spent time in the city centre, walking and visiting the following stores: Bijenkorf, Scheltema,American-book-store. Furthermore, I’ve visited the: Media Markt. When I was done with that, I’ve spent some time in the OBA. Which is the library of Amsterdam. Writing my previous Blogpost. After that, it was time to get some food. But most of the time when I visit my favourite place in Holland. I choose for some dutch-food called: French-fries. This spot called:FritesuitZuyd. This place has organic french-fries and they are delicious. So when you visit Amsterdam and you want to have french-fries. This is the place ladies and gentleman. After dinner, it was time to go home, and because for me, it’s a long journey by train. I could think about the day and If I still want to live in an International-city. I still keep the door open for that, but I don’t think it will happen very shortly. Now let’s talk about fashion magazine’s shall we? 🙂

My favourite read.

My Favourite fashion magazine

When you are interested in fashion and everything around that, you know that: Vogue Hommes is a magazine that can’t be missed. This magazine is filled with beautiful imagery, interview, and of course style and trends from all the seasons. It’s by far my Favourite Fashion magazine and I always looking forward to the next cover. I’m now looking forward to their Fall/Winter edition to see what’s the trend for the coming season. I’ve already started to prepare for the next season: Autumn. Do you have a favourite magazine to read? Let me know in a comment, I’m very curious what kind of Fashion-magazine’s you love to read.

For now, I say Happy weekend, and speak to you next week!

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