Is this my favorite outfit

This is my favorite outfit at the moment, no doubts about that. Wearing wool knitwear in combination with a skinny ripped jeans and some suede boots. Nothings looks more fashionable than this, if you ask me. So today I want to talk bout my favorite look, with you guys. But I al so want to talk a little bit about my birthday, and what your favorite outfit is at the moment. So we get to know each other better and to see what your taste is when it comes to menswear. Everybody has his own clothing-style and his own identity and you see that in the way a men dressed his self. I’m a curious person, so I really enjoy it when I can see some different style, than my own clothing-style.

My favorite outfit.

Today I share my favorite look, with you guys. But first I want to wish you a happy-Friday and of course a very good weekend.

Why this is my favorite outfit.

When I created this look, I was thinking: it has to be: Fashionable ! Now one thing is for sure: this look is Fashionable! The black knitwear from Diesel in combination with a asos ripped jeans and the suede boots from Zara make’s it all good. Every time I’m wearing this look, I get a good feeling. I’m not only feel good, but al so strong and confident at the same time. I think that is what is all about. Specially when you walk on the streets, you want to express that feeling. The knitwear and ripped jeans are so nice, but the finishing touch are the boots if you ask me? I’ve bought these boots last year and still enjoy them, because there so beautiful.

What is your favorite outfit?

I’ve talk in this article about my favorite look, but I’m really curious what is yours? Do you like to wear a skinny jeans? or just a slim-fit jeans? You like to wear hoodies? or more a classic-style? Just let me know in a comment. I’m looking forward to your reaction.


Tomorrow December 16th ( This Saturday) I become 30 and for me it is a new chapter in life. I hope to continue doing what I love the most: Writing. Further I hope to stay healthy and to get more life. Now let’s start the weekend guys, Enjoy it to the fullest.

Knitwear by /diesel

Jeans by /asos

Boots by / Zara

Photography by Taria-Ann Verburght





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