My Belt Collection

My belt collection is big, I realized this when I look at all of these belts. It also reminds of my time when I was a student.

My belt collection and I love to share it.

So this is my collection of fashionable belts. I started to collect belts when I was in my early twenties and I always thought: a outfit is not finished without this. Every time I created a outfit: a belt was the key. Now a days it’s different because I don’t wear them so often, like I did in my early twenties. But still I love to wear one of them. Sometimes I feel like: okay with this jeans I need wear one of my belts. And sometimes I don’t. It really depends on the kind of jeans or trouser that I wear. But to be honest with you guys. In my wardrobe you only find one trouser and my Gucci belt fits perfect with it. Are you agree? Just let me know in a comment down below.

I have the Gucci-Belt for years now, I bought during my time as a student and it’s a must-have for every men’s wardrobe. It’s classic and when you wearing it with a trouser or just a slim-fit jeans, it looks really fashionable. So if you don’t have a belt like this yet? make sure you search for one or two of these. You will recognize what I just told you.

Is there a favorite belt for me in this collection? Let’s say that I love to wear the Dsquared2 belt with the American flag because I really like it. It’s like you represent a country. Of course I have something with United States of America, but Dsquared2 is such a nice brand as well. Further I still love to wear the Louis Vuitton belt because it always look fashionable. Specially now Louis Vuitton has a new creative designer. This belt is classic for-ever.

Weekend Activity’s.

So what are you weekend-plans? I really looking forward to all the great-football games that are coming up. La Liga Santander Spain, has there Ultima-Partido’s so that is something I look forward to. Further I’m curious to the FA Cup-Final between Manchester United vs Chelsea. Sunday-afternoon I have a family-day and my looking forward to that. It’s always nice to go out on a Sunday. You know: Sunday is Funday.

Daily-Blog Routine.

This week I started with a daily-blog routine and it felt very good. It is my first time that I did this during my blog-career and I must say that I feel good about it. It feels like my blog grows in the right direction.

I don’t get bored or demoralized  to share my daily-life and my passion for fashion with you. Although it’s not very easy to continue this. So the up-coming time there will be more personal story’s than, daily-outfits. I Try to keep this routine going, because it feels good at the moment.

In my previous blogpost I told you guys, that I was in Amsterdam yesterday to look for my own place. I had an appointment with someone but he was not reliable. So for me it was a sign not go further with that. So I was thinking to start with my driver license and at the moment I decided to stay at my parents-place as long as I need. I know that I don’t want to, but it’s better to start with my driver-license, because in my area it’s way easier than in a big-city like Amsterdam. In the dutch-capital the traffic is such a terrible thing. Further one of my good friends told me that it’s cheaper in the south of the Netherlands than in the dutch-capital.

But I’m about to celebrate this weekend, speak with you next week.


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