Milan Photo Diary

Milan Photo Diary

Milan Photo Diary. Hello my readers. While I’m writing this. I’m still thinking about my weekend in Milan. Last Friday I was traveling from Eindhoven- to Bergamo. One of the reasons I was traveling to Milan. Was for Milan Fashion week. It was my first-trip to Milan and I noticed when I was home. I’ve realised what a amazing trip this was. Unfortunately it was a short stay. Landing on Italian-ground on Friday-Evening. Waking-up at 05:00 AM on a Monday morning. It was a short-trip. But I’ve tried to enjoy it to the fullest. To be honest with you guys. I’m not a very experienced traveller. Every time I travel there are things. That I could do better, to make the trip even better. But life is learning experiences right? Should we start with what I’ve done on the first-day?


Milan Photo Diary

Milan Photo diary

Milan Photo Diary

Milan Photo Diary

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Milan Photo Diary

Milan Photo Diary.

I’ve started day one in Milan in a Eco Hotel named:Ecohotel Residenza Milano. Which is Three-Star hotel and quite good for a short-stay. When I was arriving Friday-Evening, I was happy to stay in a good-bed. Let me tell you that The Staff of this hotel is very friendly. Further more I must stay that the rooms are not really picture perfect. So I decide not to take any pictures inside the hotel. This Hotel is located in the North of Milan and maybe not the perfect place if you want to see much of the centre of Milan.

It took me almost 30 minutes by metro. To get in to the centre of Milan. Not really a smart choice. But like I mentioned earlier. I’m not a experienced traveller so this was a learning-experience. The bathroom was also very basic and tiny. The breakfast in the hotel was perfect ! I must be fair that this was maybe the best part of this hotel. There was a lot of breakfast options. Everything they had on the menu was made from natural-products. That’s one the reasons it called: Eco Hotel Residenza Milano. This stay has definitely not disappointed me. So I will recommend this hotel if you stay in Milan for only one or two-days.

Day one in Milan.

I’ve woke-up in the north-of Milan and it was time to explore the city. After I did a break-fast in the hotel. I decided to search for a local-super-market. I was very lucky that two-streets from my hotel. There was a big-super-market. I did some groceries and was walking back to my hotel-room. The Saturday was already started and it was time to visit the Centre of Milan. I decided to buy a two-days-metro-ticket. It was quite cheap. For around 8,00 euro’s I had a two-days-metro-Ticket. Unfortunately it was almost 25 minutes by metro to be in the centre of Milan.

It was around 28 degrees so it was quite hot in Milan. I decided to visit the Piazza Duomo first. But what I expected was reality. The square was full with people and tourist. But it was worth a picture and this was one of my main-goals of the day. Just walking trough the centre of Milan and capture some beautiful streets or buildings. After I visit the Duomo, I was checking out their Apple-Store. I didn’t put this in this blogpost. But in every city I go. I have to visit a apple-store. You might know this already but: I’m a huge-apple-fan since 2009.

When I was done with walking trough the centre of Milan it was already late in the afternoon. I decided to go back to the hotel-room. Because in the evening I planned to visit a fashion-show. Because the main-reason of my trip to Milan was for Fashion-Week. But also wanted to create a Milan photo Diary.

Friday-night I received a e-mail with the location of the Marcel Burlon SS 20 show. During the evening I put my outfit on and I took the metro. When I was there the told me that wearing the signature-wings was required. So unfortunately I didn’t attend the show. But I was lucky enough that a good-friend from instagram. Invited me for the Canali-Private-Event. So I took a taxi back to my hotel-room. Changed clothes and took a taxi to other side of Milan to attend this special-event. I must say that this was such a incredible-night. I’ve meet a couple of amazing people. From a photographer to a big-blogger. I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart. So this day one in Milan was amazing.

Day Two in Milan.

I’ve woke-up Sunday-morning with a big-smile. I was thinking about the beautiful evening at the Canali-event. But I decided to go down-stairs and enjoying the great breakfast they offered in the hotel. After that I was planning my day-two in Milan. Exactly I didn’t had a clear-plan for this day. It was fathers-day and for me always a hard-day. I decided to visit the centre of Milan again.

I visit a beautiful shopping-mall where all the high-end designers had a corner. At the top of this shopping-mall they had food to offer. I was searching for a smoothy and I ended in the shopping mall on the highest-floor. I’ve ordered a smoothie and went back down-stairs. Walking around Piazza Duomo is very nice. Specially if you like to see a bunch of people. It’s the shopping area of Milan. After that I was walking around the centre of Milan. I took some pictures as you can see on my Milan photo diary. The pictures of the Parc are made on the second-day. As well the napoli-media streets. I’ve saw a building in this street and I thought: this was worth a shot.

When the afternoon was coming to a end. I decided to back to my hotel-room. When you walking trough a hot-sunny-milan. To create a Milan Photo Diary. Your feed are getting tired and your body as well. I took a nap at my hotel-room and a shower. During the afternoon I’ve tried to make a appointment with fellow-blogger. Unfortunately we didn’t meet. But who knows next time :). During the Evening I decided to make long walk on the streets around my hotel. I must stay that the North-of-Milan has his own beauty.

It’s not in my Milan Photo Diary, Because I couldn’t find a moment or spot that was worth a picture. But I must say that the Parc next to my hotel was a great spot. After the long-walk I decided to take a Italian-dinner. Like I mentioned earlier in this Milan photo diary blogpost. The north of Milan is not the perfect choice to stay. The dinner-options where not that big. But I took this for granted. Next to the super-market. There was Italian-restaurant and I took a large-pizza.

After the dinner, it was time to eat my last-ice-cream. I needed to walk to the south of this street and took some ice-cream. While I was enjoying my ice-cream I took a walk back to my hotel-room. Sunday-Evening I decided to stay in my hotel-room I needed my sleep. Because my alarm-clock would ring the next morning at 05:00 AM. Not really the best planning of me. My flight to home was at 10.00 am.

Day Three.

Day three was getting up at 05:00 and checking out and leaving Milan to go back home. I must say that I learned a lot during this trip. It was a great-experience and I’m looking forward to my next-trip. I’m considering to visit London during the holiday-season. I keep you up-to-date about that.

Thank you for reading.


Photography: Moi

For all your tourist information:Milano Turismo.



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