Men’s Grey Outfit

Men's Grey Outfit

Men’s Grey Outfit. Hello my friends, how are you? Today I want to share with you. A Men’s Grey outfit. This look is an old-one. The oversized t-shirt, jeans, and cap are not in my closet anymore. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be inspired right? First-of-all: How is your summer going? At the moment we had some cloudy days behind us. So we are not able to enjoy the sun. These upcoming days it will be coming more sunny-days and I’m so happy. Last weekend I’ve played some soccer with friends. I was invited by a good friend of mine. I didn’t score a goal but I was really happy to bring energy to the pitch. It was a good Sunday-fun day as we played for a couple of hours. I must say that it was kind of hard but I really enjoyed this afternoon. The weather was cloudy, but we had so much fun.

Grey outfit

Men's Grey Outfit

Grey Garment


This is a look that I created myself. I decided to use my oversized t-shirt from HM to mixed with my grey destroyed jeans from Pierre Balmain. Which is the founder of the Parisien-house. When I saw this denim for the first time, I fell in love with it right away. During that time I was so into destroyed denim. I never wanted to wear a straight-jeans without frayings. I remember that I was buying this denim I a store called:Me gusta it’s at stored based in Utrecht The Netherlands and they are focused on High-End fashion. Further more I paired my jeans with some high-top sneakers from Nike and they are classic sneakers and never out of stock.

Why a Grey outfit?

As you following me for a while you know that black is my favourite colour to wear. But Grey is my second option. It’s might be a boring colour, but I always wanted to create a grey-outfit. Just to show you how fashionable it can be. So when I bought this grey oversized t-shirt from HM I know that my destroyed jeans would fit perfectly with it. I also wanted to create a more urban/streetwear look. Now I can say that I completed this mission. What are your thoughts about it? With this mission, I also wanted to share that wearing a grey-look doesn’t have to be boring. It all depends on how you styled your pieces to a full-outfit. I hope with this look that you get inspired and try to create a grey-outfit by yourself. I’m looking forward to your results, so let me know in a comment down below.

Throwback time.

Now Let’s get back to the pictures because these pictures are made back in 2015. My blog was just a few month’s old. My visual-level was not high, my knowledge about blogging, in general, was not at a high-level. But at the beginning of my blog-career, I was working together with Quincy Housen. She is the owner of The Image Way She was responsible for all the pictures on my blog at that time. We were shooting these pictures in a side-street in the centre of Maastricht. This is a city in the south of the Netherlands near Belgium and Germany. This is also the place where a lot of pictures has been taken, on my blog. What I also remember is that being in front of the camera was fun but also hard. Sometimes I didn’t know how to pose. Back then Quincy helped me a lot. But these pictures are definitely one my of favourite pictures. The grey outfit fits perfectly with the location and that makes me really happy.

Where yo buy?

Now let’s talk about: where yo buy? As I mentioned in this blogpost. These clothes and pictures are from the time I’ve just started my blog. From the cap to the sneakers. I don’t have anything from that in my closet anymore. But the good thing is that you also can take inspiration from this outfit. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to share this look with you today. If you searching for a grey oversized garment. I recommend to take a look at A-Cold-Wall Designer Samuel Ross has this grey-colour most of the time in his collection. It’s not really a budget-brand. But if you planning to wear more often than this might be the place for you. After that, you can buy destroyed jeans at Asos this online-retailer has a great-line of destroyed denim in stock. The denim is from good-quality and more affordable.


The other news I can tell you is that: I started running again. I did running when I was in my earlier twenties and felt very good. For some reason, I’ve quit after a year. These last-two-years I didn’t sport at all and get back on track was one of my goals for this year. I decided to start running again. I’ve bought some shoes last week and started running. After more than a week, I must say this is the right decision. I really can clear my mind and I feel better and fitter. So we going to continue this. Check out my: Instagram to see more of my running activities. I use also a Nike-running-app which I highly recommend if you planning to start running. But now let’s talk about Men’s Grey outfit, are you ready?


As you might following me on Instagram you see already that I try to elevate my feed- a little bit. I started to unfollow a lot of people and brands two. Because seeing the same-looks and outfits time and time again is boring. I want to surprise my audience every time to keep myself in their minds. That’s why I want to bring more variation in my feed to keep myself happy and my audience as well. Because I want to be authentic on Instagram and personal at the same time. With more than 800 million users on Instagram, it’s not simple. But I have the drive and passion to do this.


Denim/ Pierre Balmain

Sneakers/ Nike

Photographed/ Quincy Housen



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