Men’s Fall Trends 2019

Men's in Black

Men’s Fall Trends 2019. Hello, my fashion-lovers, It’s Friday-morning while I’m writing this, and I’m at a coffee-bar where they don’t offer free wifi. So that’s a good start for writing this blog post. (LOL) Lucky enough I have a large 4G bundle, so we don’t be without the internet. But Maybe I have to think about another spot because this is really disappointing. But now let’s get back to this topic. Men’s fall Trends 2019, so today I want to talk with you about the upcoming fall-season. I’m super excited for this season. I’m saying goodbye to summer and in the mean-time, I’ve already searched for some cool Fall/Outfits. Which I want to discuss today with you. 

But first a little quick personal-update. Do you know that I was talking about my new leather-jacket and basics tee’s this week in my previews blog posts? now I ordered a new leather-jacket and some basic tee’s from the:HMXMenwithstreetstyle-collection.Yesterday I should have a shooting-day, and while I was half-way, I was getting stuck in the train-traffic. I was so disappointed and angry at the same time. My whole mood was fucked-up. I called the lady that couldn’t make to the location. So yesterday was really a fucked-up day.

What I’ve also wanted to tell you is that I’ve ordered the wrong portrait-lens. Last Wednesday I was getting to a photography-store and they told me this lens doesn’t fit with the body you want to have. Lucky enough I could send the lens back to the other store where I ordered this lens. I’m happy that I’ve found this out right on time. Because otherwise, I would waste a lot of money. 

So the upcoming weekend, I’ ve have a wedding, and I’m going to try to take some outfit-pictures so you can see what I’m wearing at a wedding. Sounds cool right?  Now Let’s talk About Mens’ Fall Trends 2019.

Men’s in Black.

Men's in Black

When I saw these looks for the Men’s Fall trends 2019, I thought by my self: Is this not something we wear every season? These looks are all from the latest Celine collection presented by Hedi Slimane. I must say that this is definitely I would wear. Black is one of my favorite colors to wear. No matter what season it is. Black is always a good idea and makes a man sexy and sharp. Don’t you agree with that? A few of these blacks look in your Fall/Winter wardrobe wouldn’t be a luxury at all. Because you always have something to wear. Beside’s that these black fall/looks are the perfect option. If you are not into colors the upcoming season. So Men in black is a perfect Fall look if you ask me. 

Think Pink.

Think Pink

Think Pink, not the first- color when I think about Fall. And you? Do you think of this color when you think about fall-season? Now if you want to step out of your comfort-zone upcoming Fall/Season this is the color you should wear. It’s a color that I don’t have in my closet yet, but I consider to wear this kind of looks upcoming fall-season. Stepping out of your comfort zone and playing with your-personal-style is always good from time to time. Furthermore, Fashion should be fun and playing with colors you normally don’t wear is something exciting right? Pink is no longer a color that only exists for a woman. In the past and previous collections, we’ve seen this color before. I remember Dsquared2 have this color in their collections a few times. So pink is also a color men can wear too.

Illustrated Knitwear.

Illustrated Knitwear


This is by far my favorite Fall trend 2019. I’m a big lover of prints in t-shirts and now it’s a trend in knitwear for the upcoming season. Now I’ve already seen some nice pieces that would wear upcoming fall-season. During the summer-time, I love to wear prints and I have two or three-pair of t-shirts that have printed. The knitwear in my closet doesn’t have any prints so I’m excited to purchase knitwear with prints. It makes the knitwear more fun don’t you agree? Furthermore, knitwear with prints really catch the eyes of your look. Most of the time when you wearing knitwear without prints. The knitwear doesn’t get all the attention. Now, this Fall season you can all do that! Are you going for knitwear with prints this fall-season? Let me know in a comment, love to hear from you. 

Leather looks.

Leather looks

Leather looks during Men’s Fall Trends 2019. I never consider wearing leather pants. Or a total leather look. Most of the time only people on a motorcycle are wearing this type of clothes. I’ve seen these leather pants a couple of times in the Yves Saint Laurent collections, created by Hedi Slimane when he was in charge of this famous-fashion-house. I never tried to wear leather pants, but I’m curious how it fits. Have you ever tried to wear leather pants? Do you have it in your closet? Do you consider to wear it this Fall/Season? Wearing a full-leather look would definitely be: I step out of my comfort zone to the fullest. I’ve already looked at the new Zara collection but I couldn’t find a leather-pants. The funny thing is that Saint Laurent has it in their new collection. But I can’t remember that Saint Laurent didn’t have any leather pants in their Fall/Winter collection. Now I’m planning to try it once and see how it fits and if I could wear leather pants more often. 

Oversized puffers.

Oversized puffers

Now as the Fall is coming, we know that we can go outside without a coat or jacket. Sometimes Fall-seasons are kind of soft, but here in Holland that is not the case. So I already checking out some coats to wear for the Fall/Winter season. This week I’ve seen a green oversized puffer that really catches my attention and I’m showing you this in the upcoming week. What  I personally like about these oversized puffers is that I get a very warm and comfortable feeling. Windy-days and rainy-days. I’m fully prepared for that when I have an oversized puffer in my closet. Is this the type of coats you would wear this Fall/Season? Drop a comment and we chat about that later. 


For now, I Say Happy weekend, and we speak to each other next week. 


image Source:VogueFR



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