Men with Class

Men With Class.How are you anyways guys? How was your Valentine’s Day? For me it was just a normal day at my office.

Nothing special happend and I decided to work at a local-lunchroom in my own neighbourhood. ¬†Are you looking forward to the weekend? I always say: Thank God It’s Friday..

Men with Class.

Hey Guys, It’s bin a while since I post some personal-outfit. But last Tuesday-morning I shoot pictures with a new photographer. I was curious to his work, but after my first-experience I can say that I’m more than happy with the results. I had this look already in my mind and was excited to shoot this look together with a other photographer than the one that shoots my outfits the last couple months. So we shoot two outfits last Tuesday-Morning and this was the second one. It was a good-experience and I’m looking forward to the next photoshoot.

Navy-Blue blazer is a must-have.

My Navy Blue-Blazer is from:HM and I bought it in 2017, two years a go. It’s a quite good item and what I really like about a navy-blue blazer is the fact, you can always mix it with some other items. But this navy-blue blazer is also a basic-time in a men’s closet in my opinion. I decided to mix it with my straight-jeans from:APC also a jeans that I bought at:MrPorter and I always wear it when I want to wear more classis-style. How do you like my navy-blue blazer? What I also like about a navy-blue blazer is that you can mix it with a navy-blue trouser or with a black and even a grey-trouser. It’s such a basic colour that almost fits with every other colour in your closet.

Navy-Blue Tie make the look more sharp.

The Navy-Blue Tie I’m wearing is from the brand:Mango and I’m very happy that I have it in my closet. It’s that kind of tie that you can mix with your white-shirt or with a navy-blue suit. Although I don’t have a navy-blue suit in my closet. In this outfit I’m ready for business don’t you think? I even think this outfit fits perfect for a dinner-date. The Tie make the look more sharp, I think. What are your thoughts ? Do you think you can wear it with a black-tie for example ?

Dress Shoes.

To make the outfit a little more chique. I decided to wear them with my dress-shoes. To be honest with you guys: I don’t wear these shoes that often. Only when I’m on a dinner-date or when I go to a lounge-club. But for this look I decided to use them, to finish this look.

Just let me know guys, what you think of this look ? And I speak with you guys after the weekend.


Hugs, Luc



Jeans / APC

Dress Shoes /Manfield

Photography Ernst de Vogel





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