Lets Go Miami Heat

Go Miami Heat

Lets Go Miami Heat. Hi lovely readers. You might not know yet. But I’m a Miami Heat fan since the spring of 2012. So in today’s post it’s all about that. Last summer 2018 it was time to buy a jersey of this basketball-team. I’ve bought this jersey at the online nike Store. It was the first-time ever. That I bought a basketball jersey. Normally I buy soccer-jerseys. When I buy soccer jersey’s the sizes are always: Medium. But with a basketball jersey I was not really sure which size I should buy. The one I’m wearing is from the: Dwayne Wade in the size: Small. It’s jersey they wearing last season 2018/2019. I choose to buy his jersey. Because I’m following him since 2012. Dwayne Wade played his last-season as NBA-Player. So when I wearing this jersey, I always can remember his style of playing.

Go Miami Heat

Go Miami Heat

Miami outfit

Dwayne WadeRed sneakers

Basketball and red sneakers

Basketball court


Let’s Go Miami Heat.

In this blogpost I want to share my passion for this great Basketball-team. The first time I saw them play was in my student-room. The Heat-players where in the play-offs and it was super excited. Can’t remember they’re opponent. But Miami Heat was a great basketball team at that time. They had a phenomal-players like Lebron James, Chris Bosh, and of course my favourite: Dwayne Wade. At the end of the Season of 2011-2012. Miami became Champions and I was supporting them since the play-offs. Wake up in the middle of the night to see them play. I was still in college that time. But watching the playoffs and supporting Miami heat was relaxing.

Since there third champion chip I started to follow them on instagram, twitter and even Facebook. Now a Days I watch there games on youtube. Unfortunately I don’t have a subscription on NBA-Tv. But Who knows in the future. The only-thing is that these games are always at times that it’s time to sleep. Middle in the night or late in the evening. But Thankgod we have youtube and see all the highlights back of the game. Sometimes my dutch-sport-channel: Ziggo-Sport. Have a live-game of Miami heat. So when that is the case. You can find me on the couch, supporting the boys.


Now you know that I’m Heat-Fan. I thought it was cool to show it in a outfit. I’m wearing a Dwayne Wade jersey which was available at the start of last season at: Nike and NBA-Store. Further more I used my black nike-short with my cool red-sneakers from:Nike to complete this look. So this idea came in my mind when I received this Basketball- Jersey last-summer 2018. Unfortunately the summer was almost over and the weather was not good to create these images. Further more I didn’t have real basketball to complete this outfit. I couldn’t create these images without a Basketball. I’ve bought a basketball at the online nike: Store

Without a basketball it was not cool enough for me. So last month during May. The perfect conditions where here. The weather was perfect, my basketball was here. The location was amazing. The outfit was on point. But the most important thing: my photographer: Koen Stijnen was available. So during a sunny-afternoon we started to create these images. I started to shoot with the basketball and Koen was shooting pictures. What I really loved about this shoot, it was the most natural-shooting-day ever. I just could play with the basketball, while Koen was doing his thing. Creating beautiful images.

I’m wondering what you think of these images? We shoot two basketball-outfits: one from Miami-Heat. The other one is a Micheal-Jordan jersey, which was a gift from my brother. If you follow me on:Instagram you already could see a couple of shots from my Jordan-Jersey. I will write about that outfit soon. So I keep you updated. What I would love to know is: Do you have a favourite basketball-team? Do you have favourite player? Would love to hear from you.

Where to buy?

As I mentioned earlier in my blogpost. I’ve bought my Basketball-Jersey at the online:Nike Store. It was around September 2018. Just before the start of the NBA-seaon. If you planning to buy some basketball-jersey’s. I highly recommend to buy them before te start of the NBA-Season. Why? Because around that time all there jersey’s are available in every size. Most the people buying there jersey’s around that time. So you have to be quick. So this is the best time to buy your New Jersey for the new NBA-Season.

The following stores has NBA-Jersey’s in stock at the start of the new NBA-Season:NBA-Store -EU and if you not living in Europe. But you currently living in The U.S You just go to: NBA-Store. Also Basketballjerseyworld:have a nice-collation of jersey’s from your favourite team. If you don’t love to buy them online. In bigger city’s there are nike stores and sport-stores where you can buy them. What I also recommend if you buy a jersey for the first time. You can try one of those jersey’s and see what size fits you the best.

Why I love this sport in general.

What I really like about this sport, is that every team has a good chance of winning the NBA-Championship. It’s not like soccer where only a few-teams really have a good-change of winning the Uefa Europa League for example. Because who thought that Toronto-Raptors will be the current NBA-Champions?  I’m a huge-soccer fan and specially Ajax-Amsterdam. But NBA is the second sport I love to watch from time to time. I don’t have a subscription yet, but who knows in the future. Further more it looks like that basketball is more fair than soccer for example. The difference in money is smaller than in soccer. This makes basketball healthy, attractive and a good image for the public. In soccer it seems that smaller teams don’t have any chance to become a league-champion or win a trophy. Basketball is a different sport where most teams has a big chance of winning a title. These are all the reasons why I love this sport very much.


Miami Heat Jersey:Nike

Black-Short: Nike

Red-Sneakers: Nike

Photography: Koen Stijnen













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