Italians do it better

Italians do it better right? The build great cars, create great food. But how the think and create clothes, is next level. I Never seen so much passion in to clothes as in a Italian sweater or blazer, for example.

Italians do it better. 

I’ve already give the respect to the Italian-people who create such a beautifully things, not only in the Italian-fashion industry. But al so with cars and food for example. But now let’s talk about my outfit what is 90% Italian Crafmantship. First of all, I’m wearing a red camouflage shirt by Valentino. I bought it a couple years a go on vintage dutch-website. Valentino reflects everything fashion is. Not only for there History. Al so there vision about the future of fashion. The last couple of seasons, the surprised me with there beautifully mens and woman’s wear. There shows are always a the most beautiful locations. Spots that reflects the history in the building. The camouflage t-shirt is a piece you can wear every season. You will never find a collection from Valentino without camouflage, however the up-coming Fall/Winter has less camouflage pieces.

Made in Italy.

Made in Italy, Marcelo Burlon started his own brand a couple years a go. When I saw the first pieces, I felt in love with the print on the T-shirts he created. In this out-fit I wear one of them shorts of the last summer collection. I’ve bought a Farfetch ¬†which is one of the biggest-online retailers when it comes to high-end Fashion. With a black short you can never go wrong, and it’s easy to combine with other pieces in your wardrobe. What I like about this black-short, is that there are numbers on the back of it, what makes this short more special. Unfortunately I live in a country where I can not wear this black-short often, even during the summer-times ( sight ) with that in my mind, I always keep my summer-wardrobe basic. Every summer I choose to buy a little bit and keep it basic, so I can wear it more summers than only one time.

Now let’s see what the up-coming Fall/Winter brings to me, for now I say: Enjoy the last summer-month !

T-shirt by Valentino

Short by Marcelo Burlon

Shoes by HM

Photography by Taria-Ann Verburght


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