From Paris With Love

From Paris with Love. Last summer I decided to take a trip to the city of love. Although it’s only 5-6 hours from where I live. I never visit the French-capital before. So it’s… [Read more]

Amsterdam Photo Diary

Amsterdam Photo Diary. Today I want to share my photo’s that I’ve shot a few years a go in Amsterdam. Every pictures I took, has been made in the centre of Amsterdam.This city has… [Read more]

Spring in the Air

Spring in the Air. Hello my lovely readers. How are you? It seems like in Holland the Spring has make there break-trough. I’m very happy with that. We didn’t even had a real spring-period… [Read more]

How I styled Oversized long-sleeve T-shirt

How I styled Oversized long-sleeve T-shirt, today I show you how I styled this oversized-garment. As you might know. I really love to wear this kind of garments. What is your favourite garment to… [Read more]

From Barcelona to Madrid

From Barcelona to Madrid. Today I want to share with you my best-travel-experience so far. It’s was such an amazing experience for me. Exploring Madrid was something I really wanted to do and back… [Read more]

Blue Stripes

Blue Stripes. Hello Guys, Today I’m excited to show you my second Stripes Long-sleeve T-shirt. It’s a blue version and I’m happy to have it in my spring-closet. What you guys think of my… [Read more]

Stripes T-shirt Season

Stripes T-Shirt Season. It’s all about this type of T-shirts today. I’m very excited to share my thoughts and knowledge how to style these items and why you should have them in your wardrobe… [Read more]

Why A Black Tie is Essential

Why A Black Tie is Essential. Today I’m telling you Why a Black-Tie is essential. It’s a must-have in a Men’s wardrobe and I’m glad to share why this is an essential. Let’s do… [Read more]

Vintage Sunglasses for Men

Vintage Sunglasses for men. Hello Guys, today I’m talking about a Spring/Summer essential. It’s something we all love to wear during this time of the year. This essential is not only fashionable, but also… [Read more]

White Sneakers for Spring Summer

White Sneakers for Spring Summer. Are they a must-have in a Mens-closet during Spring/summer? I think yes. What do you think? Today I talk about these White -kicks and why every men should have… [Read more]