What to wear with a Christmas Jumper

What to wear with a Christmas Jumper? It’s that time of the year that we can change from our regular clothes or formal suits. To our Christmas looks. You can’t prepare yourself enough for… [Read more]

How to wear a Denim shirt

How to wear a denim shirt. Hello Guys How are you? I’m doing well. Today I want to talk to you about a denim shirt. Which is a garment I love to wear. Although I only… [Read more]

Men’s Fall Trends 2019

Men’s Fall Trends 2019. Hello, my fashion-lovers, It’s Friday-morning while I’m writing this, and I’m at a coffee-bar where they don’t offer free wifi. So that’s a good start for writing this blog post…. [Read more]

My Youtube Channel

My Youtube Channel. Hi Guys, how are you? And how was your weekend? I’ve spent my weekend at home and I watched some soccer-games what I do most of the weekends. It sounds quite… [Read more]

Casual Summer Men’s outfit

Casual Summer men’s outfit. Hello Guys, how are you? I’m doing great. Summer is great because I can enjoy the sun and do activities outside! Furthermore,  I started to go back running again. Getting… [Read more]

How to Travel in Style

How to Travel in Style? It’s a question I asked myself too before I was heading to Milan last June. But today I’m going to show you how to do this. Travelling is so… [Read more]

Gift From my Brother

Gift From my Brother. Hello readers. Today I want to share with you a gift from my brother. It’s a basketball jersey. Which was kind of surprise for me. I didn’t expect to received… [Read more]

Lets Go Miami Heat

Lets Go Miami Heat. Hi lovely readers. You might not know yet. But I’m a Miami Heat fan since the spring of 2012. So in today’s post it’s all about that. Last summer 2018… [Read more]

Milan Photo Diary

Milan Photo Diary. Hello my readers. While I’m writing this. I’m still thinking about my weekend in Milan. Last Friday I was traveling from Eindhoven- to Bergamo. One of the reasons I was traveling… [Read more]

Explore Barcelona

Explore Barcelona. Back at the end of 2016 I needed a break for myself. At that time I was tired and needed some new energy. Barcelona was for me the perfect place to reflect… [Read more]