In Navy Blue we Trust

In Navy blue we Trust right? It’s the kind of color we use often. Not only when you wearing a classic look. But also when you in a urban kind of mood.

In Navy Blue we trust.

At least I trust this color very much. I missed this color in my wardrobe as well. So what I did in December 2018 during holiday-season. I’ve looked for this kind of color to put in my wardrobe. This color make’s a men sharp. When I’m wearing this color, it almost feels like wearing black. Some of you might know that I love to wear black as well. Are you a big fan of wearing dark-blue as well ? Let me know in a comment, I’m very curious what your favorite color is.

Navy-Blue Blazer.

The Navy-Blue blazer was a piece that I didn’t had in my closet for a long time. And you know what? I really feel this was a must-have piece in my closet. This kind of color fits me very well and it’s never a bad choice to wear. During Holiday-season I started to search for this kind of blazer, because this look was already in my mind. It’s the kind of class look that I love to share with you. I’ve bought this Navy-Blue blazer in the sale at HM and I’m very happy with it. During Sale you can find so many nice pieces for less-prize.


As you guys might noticed, I’ve try to share my stories with you every week. At the moment I’m not able to do that trough my private situation. I’m al so busy to search for a new camera + lens, and in my mind I have a few options. I want to post better quality images for myself and for you. In the mean-time, you can still follow me on Instagram
StyledbyLuc and on this new app called: Vero. It’s a new App and it’s quite the same as instagram, but it has no Ad’s or Algorithm, so everyone of you can see my images over there.


I Speak to you very soon.



Blazer / HM

Knitwear / WeFashion

Jeans / APC

Photography / Mr.Vrijhoeven

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