I Trust Navy-Blue

I trust Navy-blue, the color looks always classy to me and I’m feeling strong when I wear this color. How are you my friends? What are your plans this up-coming weekend? I’m excited for this weekend.

I trust Navy-Blue.

So Guys today I want to share this outfit with you. I’ve decided to mix my Blazer with a Grey Cardigan which is al so a classic one. I’ve bought this Cardigan a few years a go in two colors: Grey & Black. Most of the time, I’m wearing the Grey one. It fits me good and I feel comfortable in it. Beside’s that I think this Grey cardigan fits best with a  Blazer that I’m wearing. This color I’m talking about is always good to wear when you have serious business to do for example. When you tired of wearing a black or dark-grey suit. This color is the one you can trust.

Navy-Blue Tie.

The tie is from Mango that I Bought two years a go. I wanted to complete this look with a tie. So I was thinking which color fits best with this outfit? What do you think guys? I decided to wear with this navy-blue tie. In my opinion it fits very good. But style is so personal right? Maybe you like to wear it with other color or even without a tie which is fine. For some people a tie is not always comfortable but it make’s a look more sharper I think.


The Jeans I’m wearing is from:APC which is a Parisien-Brand what I truly love. I’ve bought this jeans two years a go before Fall/Winter 2016. From time to time I love to wear this jeans. This Parisien brand is available at: MrPorter where I bought this jeans in 2016. To finish this look I decided to wear it with my black laced-shoes what fits best with this kind of outfit. But you can al so complete this look with some nice derby-shoes. I’m still in search for some derby-shoes for this Fall/Winter 2018. Can’t wait to purchase a couple of pair and wear it with another Classy/Dapper look. For now I say: Enjoy your weekend guys. I speak to you next week !



Cardigan/ Wefashion

Tie/ Mango

Jeans/ APC

Shoes/ Manfield

Photography / Myself


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  1. ilya trifonenkov zegt:

    So beautiful. This outfit suits you very well.


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