I Decided

I decided to make a big step in my personal life, but first how how are you guys ? It has bin a more than a week that I didn’t spoke with you.

I decided.

I decided to leave my parents-house and to leave back to the dutch-capital this up-coming summer. Today I already started with the basics like searching for a room in Amsterdam. In my early twenties I decided for the first time to move from my parents house to the big-city and I had didn’t regret it. During my student-time. I became a different person. Just because everything was different. Nothing was the same.

At the moment I’m not in my best period, but I really feel that I don’t have the chance to become the person who I want to be. If I stay where I’m right now. I don’t get inspired in the morning when I wake up and look outside my window. I’m a person that needs to get inspired and need energy from outside in the moment’s when it doesn’t come from inside. Living in the South Of the Netherlands is not the same anymore.

I grew up here and today I cycled to some old places like the soccer-field. When I visited this place today I was thinking about the times when I was surround by so many lovely people. People that I don’t see anymore, everyone goes there own way, that is life right? But how amazing was that time ! Always people around me and life was good.

But now this home-place doesn’t feel anymore like it was during my child-hood. So I decided to make big change in my life. Even it will be very hard in the beginning I know it will be good for the long-term. So first things first and than we can make big-steps forward.


So after the personal decision, I also thinking to change a little bit my blog. I started this blog to express my passion for fashion and that will not change. But at the moment I’m not able to share my daily outfits. It hurts me deep inside because I truly believe that it’s my power and way to express my feelings. But after a cycling-ride today, I made a decision to make this blog a personal diary as well.

This year 2018 I didn’t write so much and it hurts me as well. Because every time I write these words I can forget everything in my life and really clean my head. So Why not give this personal diary a try? The reason I didn’t this, right from the start was: It’s not sexy or cool. But hey: Always be yourself there are enough other people right ? So this can be more than just a experiment from me.

How was your weekend ? And my weekend ?

Now let’s say it was a good weekend, because Saturday-afternoon I received a new book which was on my list for a long time, and I try to read all the books that I have on my wish-list for this year 2018. After received my book It was time to go outside. I live near a small-town and I decided to enjoy the good-weather with my book. I’ve already read the first chapter and it was mind-blowing.

Sunday was mothers-day and it was more a family-day , we went out for dinner. It was in a Italian-resturant what is always good.

What did I wear today?

I started this Monday with a Black-Cardigan and I combined it with a white-shirt from WE-Fashion, which is a dutch-clothing brad. Further I was wearing my Acne Studios jeans which is still my favorite jeans. To complete the look I wearing my sneakers from Adidas.

I’m happy to speak with you guys, and hopefully we speak each other tomorrow.

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